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Introduction to Aradeyl


Aradeyl is a fictional, fantasy world based in a plane that still has links to Earth. Centuries ago, humans chased down and hunted the Fae for their magic, for their mystical properties - and in seeking refuge, the Fae found the plane of Aradeyl. However, the plane is no longer a safe refuge for the Fae, and now its inhabitants must eke out a living in a new landscape - and how little had they known of their own land's history.


This is a high fantasy world, with crossing over with the post-apocalyptic, given the story is set in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event. In this world, everything is magical, supernatural, but there are certain rules that even the supernatural must follow.

Purpose and Themes

Aradeyl began life as an alternate universe based on a visual novel, and slowly became its own world. It is now the setting of an online novel I am slowly putting together as an experiment. The main themes are family, survival, balance, and how history can hide lead others astray.


The world is set in Aradeyl, a formerly peaceful, lush green plane a world away from Earth. Due to a near-apocalypse, however, the land has become more beautiful, dangerous, broken - inhospitable for all but the most adaptable, and ravaged by storms. There are seven continents on Aradeyl: Araya, Euphir, Fukrire, Iaqos, Olator, Tronis, and Utrush. For most part, however, the story will focus on the region of Eprela within Araya.

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