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Aradeyl is the plane of existence where the Fae fled to to escape persecution by humans. A world entirely separate from Earth and normally impenetrable by humans, the specifics of its creation and where it came from are uncertain. What is known is that when the Fae first found Aradeyl, it was already fully formed and lush with life - an ideal sanctuary for any desperate otherworldy refugees.


Aradeyl is divided into seven continents: Araya, Euphir, Fukrie, Iaqos, Olator, Tronis, and Utrush. When the Fae first landed, it is known that they found themselves in Araya, and settled there to put down roots. Due to the vast oceans that separate the seven continents, very few Fae will venture beyond Araya, preferring to stay in the relative safety of their home.   Not much is known about the remaining six continents, and the few stories that trickle back into Araya are a mixture of story-telling and myths told by sailors.
Planar Sphere/Grouping

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