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Welcome to Ara

Welcome to the world of Ara.   A rich world full of heroes, wizards, dragons, goblins, and demons. A place where the dead walk, unicorns guard the forests, kings playing political chess, dark forces working in the shadows, and apocalypses are imminent.   The greatest threat to Ara is the Conquest of Death led by Lich Lord, with the power of the Lost Death God, Iz'Rahkel, and a powerful artifact known as the Tome of Nekras. He has already decimated half of the continent of Xilara, but the Guardarian Empire, with the leadership of their young emperor, his sister who is marked by Radiant Warrior, Valore, and her army of holy knights and war priests, have managed to hold them back... for now...   The Solaran Empire had once been a powerful ally to the Guardarian Kingdom against the Undead Legion... until one day, they suddenly denounced their alliance and began their own conquest. Boasting that the kingdoms and empires of Ara are too weak and that unity under the Solaran crown will save Ara. They have already conquered Chanara, but cannot achieve complete occupation with the Wulver tribes who were forced to take refuge in the desert.   Priests and diviners are detecting concerning numbers of infernal infiltrations. The Dwarves, in fear of a rumbling uprising from the Ilfsuar, gathered intel that the Ilfsuar may be abandoning their former goddess, Za'phahira the Shadow Queen for patronage from the Hell Lords. Guardaria's religious sects believe the Solaran Empire may have a Hell Lord patron as well. Even their tendrils of evil reach the purity of the continent of Ilara, with various hidden cults. Many fear that a god may be born from the Hells of Infernum and take a position among the gods in the Divine Court.   With this growing presence of evil, heroes are needed more than ever... will you be one of them?


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