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Expanded Rules for Inspiration Points

Use an Inspiration Point to make a roll an Advantage? BORING! In the World of Ara, there are more ways to use Inspiration to really shake up your game!

Reroll a D20 roll, even AFTER learning it has failed 
Must be used at the time you rolled the D20, no retconning on previous rolls.   Summon a powerful NPC ally to show up
DM decides the NPC and their entrance. No more than 1 party member can use this per session. Can be used during or outside of your turn as a free action.   Automatic critical success on a death save
At the start of your turn, you can use Inspiration to come back at 1 hp.   Empower your spell to go 1 spell level higher while still using the previous spell slot
For example, you may cast a 3rd level spell at 4th level while still burning a 3rd level slot.   Recharge an Action once per turn
This does stack with Action Surge. Must be used on your turn.   Temporarily give yourself proficiency on a skill or tool check for 1 roll
Does not double with skills or tools you are already proficient in. Must be used before hearing the result.   Give yourself a crit range of 15-20
Must be used BEFORE the Attack roll.   Give your party a safe Long Rest if camping while traveling
Within reason. I.e, cannot be used in a heavily patrolled fortress or dungeon, in a harsh environment that would normally prohibit a long rest, performing strenuous activities that do not constitute resting, etc.   Swap out 1 spell with a spell of equal level
For example, you cannot trade out a level 1 spell for a level 2. This must be used on your turn as a free action.   Earn treasure
The DM will roll on the treasure table. Can be used in town as a random windfall, or in a dungeon to boost the treasure within. Cannot be used while in combat.

House Rules For Earning Inspiration

  Epic Narrative This is a bit ambiguous and falls in line with the personality traits, but because I do not enforce the Personality Traits boxes of your characters that normally give you inspiration, I encourage epic moments in roleplay, including roleplay in combat. Again, this is ambiguous, so I would not recommend overdoing for the sake of gaining a point. This is mainly that this is what I am looking for in a game.   Beginning of an epic or narratively significant battle If you are battling the SBEG that is tied to your story arc, or there is a specifically important battle in your journey, you will get Inspiration at the start of the session.   You give the DM an Inspiration Point This can be a fascinating and also dangerous way to gain an Inspiration Point is by giving the DM an Inspiration Point. It MIGHT be given to an ally NPC or to an enemy, so use it wisely! Only ONE player can give the DM Inspiration for 1 session.   Roll two Natural 20's in a row If you roll two Natural 20's in a row once in a session, you will receiving an Inspiration Point. This can apply to rolling with Advantage or Disdavantage, rolling two Natural 20's on the same turn (such as using the Extra Attack feature), or if you roll a Natural 20 after you previously rolled a Natural 20 on a previous roll, but if you rolled a d20 that was not a Natural 20 in between, it is nullified. It has to be 2 Natural 20s in sequence.   Lose an NPC Companion If an NPC who has traveled with you throughout your story arc or are an important part of your character's story arc dies, your character gains an Inspiration Point for that. If the character is resurrected before the Inspiration Point is spent, then the Point is gone, so use it quickly! Your character has to confirm the character is dead, and unconscious is not eligible.


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