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Transfer Portal (Waystone)

Written by Pookas Kreations

They usually appear as various polygonal shapes. Anywhere from a circle to a square, but usually a dodecahedron (20 sided). The shape all depends on the creator. These “pads” can be programmed to link to others in a series. If you’ve been to the location and know the vibrational ‘address’, an experienced traveler can bring another through to the one that they’ve never been to. The distance that the user can travel depends on their skill, strength, and level; this also determines how many addresses you can learn.   Only high-level psychics can create a portal, this skill is all but lost to time. Some have learned to make temporary portals, but they can last anywhere from 1 day to a few months depending on the level of the creator. One made this way, must be used to link to a known permanent portal. A rare few can teleport to a portal (must be 16+ level). The Atlanteans and Astralus used these widely throughout their kingdoms, especially in their capitals and larger cities. In certain areas, the portal was the only way in or out. Some are locked unless the coded crystal is programmed for access to the portal. Bio-locking is also used, so only the race programmed into it can access it. In some places, they are also called waystones. These can be found on the ground, inset in stonework, walls, pedestals, etc.


Travel from one portal pad to another.

Side/Secondary Effects

Slight dizziness and disorientation.


A shimmering pillar above the pad.


No one remembers who originally created these devices, but they are attributed to Jorym MacRorie. He made many of them and traveled around placing them. No one knows the criteria that he used for their placement, but many follow ley lines and are in places of power or of magical interest.

Related Deity/Higher Power
Desna, Goddess of Travel

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