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Skyship Racing

Written by Pookas Kreations

The people of the Skylands love to build, innovation and creativity are in their blood. Every year Brightstone Industries runs a contest. The contestants are provided materials, but they need the skill. They need to create the design for their personal skyship. Each team has an advisor for safety reasons, but as long as the design won’t kill the any of the participants or the crowd. The winner of the contest, will either be paid by Brightstone Industries or be hired for their design skills.   Some of the best innovations have come out of this contest. It is one of the favorite “sports” of the year. After the skyship is built, the contestants still needs to race their ships. The winner gains accolades and receives a job at Brightstone Industries. Even those that don’t win, can help improve future skyships. The course is not just a straight shot, it includes obstacles and speed stretches. Every year this course is changed. Cheating is not allowed, no ramming or saboutaging each other. If this happens, they are disqualified.


This contest has only been happening the last four years. It started with the apprentices borrowing spare parts and trying to make their own flying ships. Their masters saw the contest and decided to make it a yearly event, even inviting others to join in the fun. It took a few years to catch on, but now it is a anticipated event.


Their are few rules:
  • No saboutage
  • Use your own design
  • Try your best, that’s all that matters

Components and tools

The tools and equipment are provided by Brightstone Industries. Plentiful spare parts are heaped into piles for each team. As well as, wood, cloth, and other materials that would be useful for an airship.


Anyone who wants to try is encouraged to. Key roles need are a pilot, craftsman, and engineer.


The design and build part of competition begins one week before midsummer, and the race part starts on midsummer day. The race takes most of the day, and ends before sunset.
Primary Related Location
This is like a combination of pod racer and junkyard wars.

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