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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is the floating kingdom of the Sky Gnomes. It travels the tradewinds, high in the sky.


The Skylands originated in the Treelands, but now they float with the air currents of Aquatica.

In a battle near the end of the Chaos Wars, a wild magic storm caused a gravitic effect that lifted a large area (including mountains, forests, lakes and rivers) into the sky. This effect lightened the stone enough to float and send it into the sky. Water that ran into the affected area also followed the new natural laws.

This became the Skylands. The first mountain to be so lifted became the capital, Skylandia. Other islands eventually rose as well, when they were affected by similar means. Some were even lifted artificially.

Fauna & Flora

Whatever was on the terrain that was lifted into the sky is still there, unless it couldn't survive the cooler climate and the lighter gravity. Many plants and animals evolved to take advantage of the gravity changes.

Some fish evolved lungs, because much of the water became airy water (see the spell). Many other animals gained the ability to fly or float.

Common animals: gryphon, bulgrif, sky whales or sharks, transparent floating jellyfish, flying fish, bore vines, piranha birds, ghost sharks (clear), sky pirates, etc.

Natural Resources

There are many unique natural resources here in the Skylands. Among them are: lift wood, sky stones, oriculum, light stone, etc.

Alternative Name(s)
Aeriana, Flying Islands, Floating Islands, Skyhome
Island, Floating
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