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Written by Pookas Kreations

Krystals are similar but different than the Sky Gnome Sky Stones. They are linked to the life force of the Atlantean people, it can heal (cure light wounds), give a thousand year lifespan, link to their racial memory (like akashics), be a light source, power vehicles, gives them excellent eyesight/hearing/balance (+2 perception and balance).

Every Atlantean has a Krystal, as they age their eyes turn a more intense blue and they begin to glow, as well as their hair turning silver. They all have Krystal etched tattoos and can walk on water (royals can breathe it). All Atlanteans are trained in martial arts, as well as scholarly pursuits.


Users can access the Library and many other functions, depending on the access granted to them by Mother. Doors, windows, or cabinets can be opened/closed, elevators operated, lights turned on/off, computers activated/used, entrance/exit to the veil, transportation pad use, etc.


Through some experimentation, it was discovered that with enough power and at the right frequency, that krystals can multiply. If they don't create a link to the Core Krystal within a week they are but a pale imitation with no link to her and no sentience or powers. They can be used as rechargeable batteries but are good for little else.

Parent Technologies
Children Technologies
Access & Availability
They are widely available to Atlanteanand their descendants the Atlan.
Each krystal is linked to the Core Krystall and Hy-Altia (Mother). They all have an embedded pattern inside, similar to brain synapses. All krystals are related to the Core Krystal and are all telepathically linked to her.
The enormous cave where the Mother Krystal was found, had billions of smaller krystals studding the every surface surrounding her. It was theorized that she was a shard of a meteor/comet that fell to the surface and embedded herself below the surface from the force of her fall.

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