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Huntress Folxi

Written by Pookas Kreations

Folxi (a.k.a. Foxi)

Folxi is a natural-born illusionist, she has learned to attract or distract prey animals and scare away predators when the family hunts. It has been an immense help to keep them fed.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Folxi is a forest wild child. Her parents were killed by a pack of forest dragons, but she hid in a badger den until they left. She was only 6 when she was left alone and had to learn to take care of herself.

She was adopted by a family of fox squirrels. They are excellent hunters and taught her how to stealthily track and take their chosen prey. Mostly, they eat bugs, birds, lizards, and mammals smaller than themselves. Occasionally, they team up to take down larger prey.

Mental Trauma

Seeing her parents killed
Current Location
Emerald Green
Various shades of green and brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Greenish brown skin
Known Languages
Tree Gnome, sylvan

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