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Written by Pookas Kreations

Atlan are descendants of the Atlanteans and various other humanoid races, from experimentation, alliances or dalliances. The still have some of their ancestors abilities, but not their arrogance, strength or near immortality. Because of the thinning of the bloodlines, they are only planetouched and not outsiders.

Many are still trying to right the wrongs of their ancestors and living their own lives without the shadows of the past horrors.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

aelia, aeliana, Antonia, augusta, aurelia, camilia, cassia, Cecilia, decima, Drusilla, flavia, Tatiana, tullia, Florentina, junia, laelia, Laurentia, livia, marilla, Octavia, priscilla, sabina, tanaquil, valentina, vita.

Masculine names

aelianus, Aelius, Aetius, Appius, Atilius, atticus, augustus, cassius, cato, cicero, cnaeus. Cyprian, felix, Julius, Justus, lucius, magnus, marcus, maximus, Octavius, philo, remus, rufus, sptimus, Tiberius, urban.

Family names

Their names follow to Roman naming style: Go to Wikipedia.

Encompassed species

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