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Written by Pookas Kreations

This is a common genetic variation in the The Travelers gene pool, mostly from a small gene pool. It is the congenital absence of melanin in people and animals. It results in white hair, feathers, scales, skin, and/or pink eyes. Most people with albinism have very light skin and hair, and levels of pigmentation can vary depending on the type of the condition.   There can be variations in the coloring of the hair and eyes. Hair usually comes in shades of blonde and white. Eyes can be any shade of red, to violet, and any shade in between, with rarely light brown, grey or blue. Albinism is a recessive trait, but with some people like the Travelers, it is rare not to have this condition.    The absence of melanin in the skin makes those without it vulnerable to UV radiation due to a lack of protection. Some with this condition have vision or hearing impairments. In humanoids, it doesn't affect their lifespans, but in animals, the survival rate of these creatures is very low. In animals, they lack their natural camouflage in the wild, which makes them more visible to predators.    Subterranean creatures are commonly albino as well as those in arctic regions.

Transmission & Vectors

It is an inherited genetic condition and can occur in any racial or ethnic group throughout @aquatica.


The Travelers believe that albinism is a gift from their goddess, and shows her favor.


Anyone with albinism can easily sunburn, their eyes are light sensitive.

Affected Groups

Any creature can have albinism which is genetically inherited.

Cultural Reception

Many cultures consider albinism as a stigma, bad luck, and unhealthy. People with this condition are often ostracised and exiled from the community.
Chronic, Congenital

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