World Ember 2018 (Aqualon Blog - Dec.18)

Well, well, another day, another month-long brutal competition to grind my sanity and health against! Woohoo!   It has been one hell of a year, looking back. Since joining World Anvil in January, I have published almost four hundred thousand words under the auspices of this wiki-project. I managed to fill in large blank spaces in my setting, and by now publish 22 chapters of my first novel, which I managed to proofread with the help of my wonderful editor, Bastian.   After a slow month in November, during which I focused mostly on the novel, I am now more ready than ever to pump ink and get that lore flowing!   I would love your support during this exiting time, be it by showing your love via likes, or by giving feedback on my articles, so I know where to improve and what to make more of ^-^ Of course I will do my best to do spread my fair share of feedback and critique so that we can all ensure a merry season of reading to our esteemed readers.   If you have questions about this world, or need my help with something, my Discord handle in Worldanvil is @Greenhorn!   Happy worldbuilding!   Koray  

My World Ember Articles

Things to Expect this Month

  • Chapter 23 of Aqualon, Rise of the Broken
  • Chapter 24 of Aqualon, Rise of the Broken
  • Chapter 25 of Aqualon, Rise of the Broken
  • Chapter 26 of Aqualon, Rise of the Broken
  • The Continuation of the Black Priest of Rastrowel
  • Another Compendium of 100 Aqualon Facts!
  • Lots of Location Articles; though they will be initial drafts
  • Lots of new Character Articles!
If you want to be up to date on my works at all times, chat a bit, and talk with other skilled writers, why not stop by the Aqualon Discord server? You're more than welcome! Aqualon Discord
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