The HJT Gazette

The HJT Gazete has been an established newspaper throughout the Corsic Ocean for many centuries, boasting presses on many different islands.  

The Hank & Jordan & Tenzer Coporation has diversified quite a bit since its founding in 390 GE.   Turning into a lucrative business, they have reclaimed some of the old Hank & Jordan's cooper works and shipyards, opened profitable trading routes across the Corsic Ocean, and even published a series of story books called "Ferry Tales of the Ocean Belt", which boasts twenty-four large volumes by now and a roughly five-thousand issue story magazine called "Silfs of the Sea" has been in circulation around the Corsic Ocean and even the Great Land since 1304 GE, coming out monthly pretty much ever since.
  This magazine, "Silfs of the Sea", a loose anthology of only occasionally connected stories about the mysterious Stand-in Loan Ferries that work under the auspices of HJT part-time, has been published by the HJT Gazette, which was originally founded in 920 GE to circulate business news and job opportunities throughout the Corsic Ocean.   The newspaper quickly gained popularity in the decades after its founding, expanding to ever further locations and eventually diversifying into general advertisement and the publishing of short stories and interviews, which at some point led to the creation of the HJT Gazette Monthly Digest magazine and the "Silfs of the Sea" magazine much later.  

Special Publications

One of the most successful serials of the publishing house has been their "Travelers Guide to Aqualon", written by star columnist and philanthropist Thadeus Fletcher in the late 16th century GE.
The Travelers Guide to Aqualon
Geographic Location | Jan 25, 2019

The Travlers Guide to Aqualon by Thadeus Fletcher was a regular column in the HJT Gazette in the 1580s GE. ~ 1195 Words

Headquarters Postal Address

HJT Gazette Headquarters
29b Graanstraat
Zuidshaven (Island)  

Branch Office Postal Adddresses

HJT Gazette Graanshoof Branch
15 Achterlaan
Graanshoof (Island)
HJT Gazette Cromwell Branch
Sherborough Avenue 17
Cromwell (Island)
HJT Gazette Sternsmooth
Aramanthe Atrium 4
Hespera Nera (Four Pillars of Sternsmooth)


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