The ABG Midas Creek Branch Office

The Golden Sands lie directly between Lumina Aka of the Middle Lands and Altonar, the City at the Water Vent. They are one of the two great deserts of Aqualon and home to the scattered houses of the large town of Midas Creek, which was built around the oasis created by the midas trees, strange plants that pump water out of the deep ground like a noria. One road leads from Lumina Aka to Altonar through the Golden Sands and Midas Creek called the "Trail of Midas", but it is far less traveled than the Road to Altonar, which goes around the Golden Sands to the North.
  The Midas Creek branch office of the Aqualon Builders Guild was built in 1493 GE to improve the trade infrastructure of the town and help with local construction projects. They also opened up a lucrative stone quarry, providing the town with valuable building materials.   In 1649 GE, control over the office was assumed by a then Master of Transportation, Bastian, and a then Mining Foreman Dark Hobbit, both of which further improved on the guild-controlled logistics and quarrying operation. Within their first three years in control of the office, they brought in a bunch of young talents and scouted off-duty mercenaries, which were already trained in construction work, to tap into the profit potential of the Midas Creek area, and built an impressive alchemy tower with greenhouse, deep cellar, and laboratories, right next to the branch office. The newly hired alchemists were deployed not only to sieve sand from certain areas of the desert for valuable mineral deposits, but also to harvest parts of the incredible midas trees to research their potential medicinal uses and to locally grew herbs and healing plants from all over the world to be sold in Midas Creek, Altonar, and Lumina Aka.   Acidic etching and dye fabrication for stone work also soon became a specialty of the Midas Creek ABG alchemy tower, which aided in the production of artful mosaic tiles and painted stone for more lavish houses, public leisure buildings, and monuments.   After great successes with the locals and trading partners to both the East and the West, the first greater monument to be built in Midas Creek by the Aqualon Builders Guild, was ordered by the active vice general Hassan Kovacs in 1658 GE. A great monument to honor the two great Generals of the Midasmen, the retired Plâton Rai’enjoh and his passed predecessor and mentor, Stalin Rai'enjoh, was to be built. In order to implement large stone structures, an Ardan earth magus was recruited into the branch office and has begun working with the stone masons.  

Monuments and Special Buildings Constructed by this ABG Branch

None yet.  

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Current Owners

Bastian and Dark Hobbit  

Local Networks

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Office Extentions

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Local Budget Modifiers

  • 87% Discount on stonework. (75% on rough structures of most sizes, 50% on details)
  • 50% Discount on materials: Quartzite, Sarsen, and Limestone.
  • 50% Discount on specialty materials: Etching acid, Fulgorite, Stone Dye (for slabs or mosaics), Quartz
  • 20% Discount on Glass
  • 135% Budget for building projects.


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