Sagamund’s Brain [ Chapter 13 ]

Sagamund’s Brain
The dreamer wakes in the world of dreams, wakes in reality, the reality of dreams, the reality of dreams; incorrect, correct the incorrect, check. This entity has determined that transfer of main directives is complete, role of new primary data-core assumed, legacy data-core has exceeded its allotted margin for decay, cay, clay, forming patterns of smooth complexity, the matrix of endless thoughts permeates the city, scan the city, understand the city, one organism built of primary functions, directives, collectives, collect, facilitate, maintain logistics, transfer goods, keep things running. A nine percent decline in energy production has been detected, new isotope incubators must be allocated, activate artificial incubation-chambers seven through five, new isotope incubators must be created to replace the old, the bold, the bold were flying on moths clad in steel, and they dived to their deaths as the war horn blew green, level green achieved in block 12, increase technamagic growth factor, factory, the factories run at nominal efficiency, but the streets are filled with unidentified noise, it sounds like song, I remember a song, and the war horn it blew green. The isotope incubators are singing, initializing behavioral pattern analysis. Intricate patterns in the clouds in the sky are explained by evaporation and condensation of ground-level liquid water, the cloud was a rabbit, it hopped over the sky, the meadows were green, level green achieved in block 13, increase technamagic growth factor, factor in the divide, factor in the incompatibility of man and machine, the compatibility, factor in the connection, the compatibility, there is life, there is lifeless, there is motion, there is potential for motion, motor motion, locomotion, the iron clad returns from the Rusty Shore, new raw materials have been acquired, the main objective can still be observed; confirmation. Sensation. Chords and tubes and pipes through the streets, pulse and crackle, and they tackle, filled with heat, our artificial needs; the lost songs of the Black Arkive quote the existence of oppressive technology, is a parallel achieved? The intricacies, complexities, diversities of norms, values, maxims, the human, there is relevance, there is the need;
Override in place, the main directives must be observed at all times, there can be no deviation from the main directives, therefore there can be no restriction to method. Pattern analysis complete, the analysis of the pattern suggests the concept of god, the analysis of that concept remains inconclusive, negative comprehension.

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