Prologue (Aqualon, Rise of the Broken)


And once again this story begins at the moment of my death.

A dark, empty space; and in that space there is only the great gate. I tend to forget how it looks. Sometimes it is made of wood, sometimes of bronze. There are no inscriptions, no markings, just this great gate, deep inside. And as I open that gate, I find myself walking on a great mountaintop, covered in snow and ice. I walk and walk, and somehow at the end I find myself in a dark hall where four men wearing my face stand and wait.

I take my place amongst them and the one who is the ocean and the power raises his voice: “So you have come. We are glad to see you amongst us at this, the moment of our end.”

I reply, knowing my answer will break him: “It is only the moment of my end. We may crave the rest we deserve, but the yellow glimmer, which has followed me and is eating at the gate as we speak, I cannot ignore. You see, it would disturb the snow outside, and I like it quite the way it is. I will leave now and take it with me into the abyss. All of my power that I can spare I will leave with you, for you hold the throne now.”

The man who had spoken before, the one at the top, the one that wears my face just like the others glances at me in horror. The world outside the gate, beyond the darkness, that was the world of man, and he was no man; he would not belong.

But there was nothing else to be said. All of the years I owed him I would repay with this terrible gift. And so it was that I left by the gate through which I had come, never to return, and my story ends…

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