Matthis Birenheide

Master of Transportation

Once the bricks are out, they have to be shipped all over the world. Be it by actual ship, caravan, or even the impressive locomotive of Altonar, you manage and perhaps even captain some of these intrepid ventures for gold and glory!
  • This guild member has earned a total of 82 bricks so far.
  • 18 more bricks, and this guild member will advance one rank to "Guild Master"
  • This guild member may still spend up to 82 bricks.

Buildings Owned by Matthis Birenheide

None yet.  

Matthis Birenheide has participated in these construction projects

None yet.
The Aqualon Builders Guild and Challenges YOU can Participate in!
Generic article | Apr 27, 2019

Become part of the Aqualon Builders Guild! Support this world, participate in Writing challenges, and earn awesome rewards!


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