Gates of Aqualon Magazine Issue #1


Greetings dear readers! “Gates of Aqualon” is the new magazine-style publication I have started for the e-book style chapters of my book, providing lots of additional goodies for you, ranging from author’s commentary to short stories and special segments as well as maps and table top resources!
There are many things I can publish in this format, and I am counting on you to give me the feedback I need to publish the things you want to know more about. So without further ado: Enjoy this first issue of “Gates of Aqualon”, the magazine.  

Table of Contents

News from Aqualon3
From the Author4
Rise of the Broken, Prologue 5
Rise of the Broken, Chapter 1 - Destiny5
Rise of the Broken, Chapter 2 - The Moving City and the Ever-Clouded Pass14
Map of the Middle Lands24
Assorted “Aqualon Facts of the Day”25
The Prologue of Rise of the Broken25
Author's Commentary26

Download the PDF here!

I spend many hours a week writing articles, this magazine, drawing maps, creating Aqualon tabletop resources, the weekly stream, Quills with Skills, and editing new chapters of the novel. More time than I technically have to spare. And I also have regular expenses for web space, better equipment, prints, advertisement, and more. I make it a point to make most of my material available for free, because I love my world and I want to share it with you. That being said, if you could support me on patreon, I would very much appreciate it. There are cool rewards like early access to magazines and chapters, the ability to get your own house added to one of the many maps of Aqualon, raffles, and even loot crates. If you don't have the means or don't want to commit to a monthly donation, I am also on KoFi, and I drink a lot of coffee ^-^

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