[Contest] Waking the Animancer

Do you like to roleplay? Then this competition may be for you!   I have over ten years of game mastering experience and am currently holding this competition for slots on a chat-based Fate Core campaign I want to master, set in this world of Aqualon.   To participate, simply write a comment underneath this article, I will then add you to the campaign cast so you can create a character for the campaign. This character is your entry. It does not need to have Fate Core stats yet, you just have to make their description and backstory compelling (and set in Aqualon).   The best characters get to actually play the campaign, which is usually reserved for my Adventurers Guild patrons. Since I do not have any of those yet, all these juicy rpg slots are wide open for you, so get to writing, and with a little luck, we’ll go on an amazing adventure together!   I will make a cool version of this little badge for the winner, which will be put on display on my world and the campaign page! (also feel free to put it anywhere). Participants in general will receive the badge shown in the header <3   If enough people participate, the winner will also be eligible for some Aqualon merchandise ^-^   A side note: there is exclusive Aqualon material on this world's Discord Server useful for character creation, and a channel for this contest is available for participants that need help with or feedback for their entries.


  • A snazzy badge for everyone, extra snazz for the winner! (though maybe not on your WA profile, I can't make that promise).
    [Contest] Waking the Animancer cover
  • Top placed entrants may participate in the campaign with their character (or another one, if they so desire)
  • Be eternalized in a Wall of Aqualon Contests on my WA page with a link to your profile.
  • Top ranked participants will get some Aqualon merch, depending on the number of participants. (Merch may range from digital rewards, such as patron-exclusive magazine issues and song downloads to physical merchandise such as albums, cups, t-shirts, and such)
Contest Data
  • Start Date => 15th Apr. 2018
  • End Date => 15th May. 2018 23:59 CEST (I will not do the final judging until after this date)
  • Contest Goal in One Line => create your own Aqualon character!
  • Contest Main Reward => get to play your character in a chat-based rpg!
  • Winning Slots => 3-4 (these will get to play the campaign)
Campain Page
The Animancer
The Animancer campaign cover

Helpful Material
Tips for Aqualon Character Creation
The Aqualon World Map
Aqualon as a Setting (Game Creation Worksheet)


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Let me get in that contest

23 Apr, 2018 21:52

Also where do I post the backstory?

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