Carsta Dächert

Mining Foreman

There is a long chain that leads to a beautiful home, and it begins in the many quarries of Aqualon where the various kinds of stone are mined for building cities. Be it in the lush Canyon of Khepri, the gentle Waves of Yamato, the crystal mines of Paramani, hard work is turned into amazing structures later on, and you are one of the great men and women who churn out the very foundations of this world!
  • This guild member has earned a total of 27 bricks so far.
  • 23 more bricks, and this guild member will advance one rank to "Master of Transportation"
  • This guild member may still spend up to 27 bricks.

Buildings Owned by Carsta Dächert

Taya's House of Healing

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Carsta Dächert has participated in these construction projects

None yet.
The Aqualon Builders Guild and Challenges YOU can Participate in!
Generic article | Apr 27, 2019

Become part of the Aqualon Builders Guild! Support this world, participate in Writing challenges, and earn awesome rewards!


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