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Ame Blue requested a fact about the android race of the previous world.
Bastian requested a fact about the city of lightning, Fulgrath.

About the Clockwork Wars

When the very first sentient program of the previous world of Aqualon was switched on, its birth rippled through the Great Clockwork like a devastating tsunami. The existential machinery cracked and split as parts of it wanted to bestow a soul of it, while parts were opposed. In the end, with only one unit of Planck Time to work with, the compromise was reached to fit the new lifeform with a type 2 soul (animal-like) amalgamated from unbound soul power. While the Clockwork fell into chaos thereafter and eventually the sun went out due to the Clockwork Wars that ensued behind the veil of reality, the machine intelligence thrived and eventually migrated to a physical body heralding the rise of a new android race that coexisted with the humans until the death of the sun caused a mass extinction of mankind. The remaining android race took over the shells of human society, discovering fusion energy, eventually building a satellite grid of artificial suns to re-illuminate the planet and allow for the awakening of Aqualon's plant life out of the harsh mega-winter of no-sun. The android race persisted for millennia before the last unit shut down and the planet was scrapped and remade by the Great Clockwork. The Clockwork had suffered such damage that the regular reincarnation system (R²S) did not have enough soul energy to work at full capacity so 9 smaller shard worlds were created, joined by a river of soul energy dubbed Yggdrasil to lubricate soul energy exchange between the Great Clockwork and the new human race. This was the birth of the Nine Realms, the precursor to the current world of Aqualon.
— Requested by Ame Blue

Fulgrath, an Early Magical Industrial Revolution

The Grand Academy of Fulgrath brought forth some of the most brilliant minds of the first century GE. Among them was Rudolph Molotov, who performed extensive conversion and measurement experiments of soul power and lightning magic, creating the existential conversion coefficient the "Molotov" [M], based on the Kunibert unit [K] for measuring soul power. Before the Declaration of Existential Independence and the jumping to the South Pole of Borealis in 25 GE, Rudolph Molotov and Vincent Kunibert Greenhorn were close colleagues that inspired much of each other's work. Molotov's extensive research and experimentation with soul power to energy conversion, electromagnetism, and electric field theory led to the invention of the Molotov Tower, a tall capacitor tower built to harness the energy of lightning strikes to store as electrical power in large fuel cells. The first large-scale Molotov Tower was built as a proof-of-concept next to the then just Grand Academy in 175 GE. When the city of Fulgrath was planned and constructed around the academy between 251 GE and 312 GE, more Molotov Towers and so called Cloud Stacks were constructed, which were meant to vaporize large quantities of water harvested from the Eel Holes, small but incredibly deep bodies of water nearby which connect to a vast underground supply. Generated clouds were agitated with lightning magic to create targeted lightning strikes into the Molotov Towers. The magical industrial revolution started two to three centuries earlier in Fulgrath compared to the other four cities of the Middle Lands, who started out with the invention of Spell Ink in the 9th century GE. In 350 GE already, the streets and houses of Fulgrath were powered by electric light, long before the invention of magus lamps that use fire magic spell ink mandalas. This proclivity for raw, only semi-magical invention made the culture and science of Fulgrath very appealing to Miyako Fluxum, which was founded in 125 GE after separating from Borealis. After retaining good relations with Fulgrath for two centuries, around the 4th century GE, Miyako Fluxum declared Fulgrath an official partner city, and more extensive cultural and scientific exchanges were facilitated after that, including more extensive trade agreements, making Fulgrath one of the main suppliers of food stuffs and manufacturing for Miyako Fluxum.
— Requested by Bastian

This is what the article said before the Week of Facts ended

Is there a question you've always had about Aqualon? A subject you'd like to hear more about?   Wanna know more about the magic of the Angel Saxons? The culture of Arkatrash? Or anything else on Aqualon?   Now is your chance!   I have been publishing new, awesome daily facts on the Aqualon Discord since January and have now released the 100th fact! To celebrate, this marks the beginning of the Week of Facts!   Post your question or fact request on the Aqualon Discord in #week_of_facts and your question shall be answered!   A little taste of the great facts you'll find when you get there:  
#56 Though they are called „the Seventeen Yonder Islands“, the name is actually taken from the seventeen most powerful nations of the Corsic Ocean or better put: the most powerful nations from around the time of the latter Age of the Iron Divide. Many of these nations actually controlled small island chains, and the total number of islands on the Corsic Ocean far exceeds seventeen.
#50 The Bankoku no Kagami 万国の鏡 ("Mirror of Ten Thousand Lands"), too, is one of the Three Treasures of Yamato that were won from a small Gallian tribe, which had fortified itself in a remote location, by general Hestia Bygate in 68 AA (Age of Awakening). It is a powerful magical item forged by Angel Saxon smiths, made to use large quantities of soul power to let its user peer into distant places. Many seers have succumbed to spellblight , trying to utilize this dangerous object.
#27 At the southern border of the Red Sands lies the Canyon of Khepri, a vast gorge that runs along the Rusty Shore towards the east. Here, the Arkatrashians mine red stone for construction projects, further enlarging the canyon, and the Giranja rushes down here to the Pool of Masika where it presumably feeds into the Ocean Belt, since a large whirlpool at the center of the pool continuously sucks the water down.
#85 The large lakes Tarrenvel and Ostrund on the island of Rastrwoel are home to an unusual species of jellyfish: the globumeduzoa, also known as pearlhoods in the common vernacular. The pearlhoods proliferate swiftly when food is available and quickly form strands of tiny nacre granules, which are harvested by the people of Rastrowel as nacre gravel, a prized substance for goldsmiths and alchemists. Rastrowel is also the founding place of the Church of Pure Souls.
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