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Welcome to the new Aqualon Blog!   last week I completed some serious updates to the world page, streamlining it further and showing the publishing schedule ^-^ I also did many updates on the World Map adding loads of new pins and painting in new areas!   This week's "The Animancer" session was a bit slower due to one of the members calling off 30 minutes after the session started, but otherwise the remaining two players did some solid roleplaying, so look forward to the second session report that will come out in the following days.   I completed the new Margrave's Favor adventure module, a fully, out-of-the-box playable adventure set in Aqualon using Fate Core as a system as the newest issue of the Gates of Aqualon Magazine :3 The magazine issue is out for patrons now and will be available for free as a pdf download on the 1st of July!


The Margrave's Favor, a stand-alone, playable Fate Tabletop Adventure
Generic article | Jan 1, 2019

The fourth issue of the Gates of Aqualon Magazine! This is a full stand-alone adventure module designed for the Fate Core tabletop system! Almost 50 pages of material for fun evenings with your friends, use out-of-the-box characters or make your own! ^-^

  I am still trying to get back in touch with Dimitris and Janet, who wanted to play-test the adventure with me, but it looks like they are very busy at the moment. I am looking forward to our character building session.   Today I would also like to draw attention to my newest articles: "Brynwain Fever", a magical ritual that was created during the Great War, and a report from the HJT classified survey reports: "The Faceless".
  Have fun reading and enjoy the world of Aqualon.   K.B.


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