The Mimic Menagerie

It's a menagerie where everything's a mimic, that's the gimmick.
Do you want to question everything around you? Maybe you've yet to experience paranoia? Do you want to be unable to trust your friends and family? Already paranoid and need justification? Then come visit The Mimic Menagerie!  

Nothing is Sacred

Here at the Mimic Menagerie, you can expect the unexpected! That is, if the unexpected is finding a mimic in a park where you have been explicitly warned everything is a mimic. In fact, it would be surprising if you found something that wasn't a mimic here.   Even your friends! Your family! And everything on your person! In our menagerie you can experience the thrill of paranoia in a controlled environment. Our mimics are sedated, and unable to kill you— let alone attack. However, they still can give the impression of a near-death experience without injuring you!  

Keep an eye out

Mimics don't have a standard appearance, and can take on the form of any object or living creature. There are only two giveaways that something or someone is a mimic— firstly, that it will possess a mouth full of very sharp teeth that may occasionally open or emote. Secondly, that it may move about despite possessing no methods with which to do so.  
Find us in lovely Mendoza, Argentina. On the southern end of Venezuela St.  
  We're open from:   Mon-Fri: 8AM - 7PM   Sat-Sun: 8AM - 10PM  
"I kept trying to grab my phone, but every time I tried, it slid a few inches away from me."

All Around You

There are many things to do in The Mimic Menagerie! For fans of board games— you can play all of your favorites with the added thrill of your pieces moving of their own accord! Those who enjoy classic party games, you can get together with your friends and any mimics who decide to take their appearances, and try to guess which is real before going home!   Animal lovers can simply enjoy watching mimics in their natural habitat.* Narcissists, closeted or otherwise, may finally find themselves among like-minded peers. No matter your hobbies or origins, you can find something of worth within our menagerie!   *Legally we must state that this is not, in fact, the natural habitat of mimics— their place of origin is currently unknown.  
"My best friend insisted we bet on a game of chess, anyway I lost my house and kids."
  "I think I accidentally ate one."
  "My husband left me with a mimic of himself, I only found out when the thing withered away in the decontamination chamber. I went back inside to try and find him, only to find upwards of fifty Daves waving at me. I haven't found the real Dave since in my many return visits. Staff are nice though."
— Customer reviews

Keep it Real

For your safety, please devise a method to determine who is and isn't a mimic before you enter the park— otherwise you and your group may become lost or separated. Each entrance and exit of the menagerie contains a sealed decontamination chamber, which will cause any mimics present to wither away. (They'll be fine!) Upon entering the menagerie you must sign a waiver stating that, if you see a loved one melt away in this fashion, we are not responsible for the resulting trauma.

Gift shop!

Everything in our gift shop is also a mimic! There is nothing you can take home except the joy of seeing a novelty pen with teeth!   Why are we selling them?

Viability Report

Number of Incidents: 13
Threat Level: Rust
Who's idea was this? From the start, this was doomed. I'm frankly amazed the menagerie ran for the three month period it did before the incident. Read below for incident logs.   Incident & Experiment Logs for A-325
Experiment #325-3
Date: 2008/██████
Head researcher: Dr. Herrera
Anomaly: A-325-17
Description: Testing a newly developed sedative on a live mimic, this time containing █████████████, ██████, and maple syrup. Said sedative was administered by aerosol into an enclosed chamber.
Result: Success! Subject was too weak to attack a live animal introduced to the chamber following its sedation. Test was repeated hours later, without a reapplication of the aerosol— with the same results.
Notes: This has wonderful implications for the facility— not only can the sedative be administered over a wide area and therefore catch the many present anomalies at once, but it can also allow them to be approached safely within normal hours of operation.
  Incident #325-5
Date: 2009/4/3
Location: Game room
Anomaly involved: A-325-143
Personnel involved: Security 1
Civilians involved: Man 1, Man 2
  Video log
Note: A-325-143 seemed to have avoided that morning's sedative. Increase the spread of the daily aerosol spray, and ban food inside the menagerie to avoid this happening again.
  -Man 1 is waiting on Man 2 to make his move in a game of chess.   -Man 1 produces a granola bar from his pocket without looking, and opens his mouth to take a bite.   -A-325-143 immediately takes the opportunity to begin feasting on Man 1's tongue.   -Security 1 is called over, and sprays A-325-143 with sedative, unfortunately, also causing Man 1 to choke to death on a mixture of the aerosol and his own blood.   -End Log-
  Incident #325-13
Date: 2009/5/11
Location: Facility-wide
Anomaly involved): A-325-1— ████
Personnel involved: All staff on site.
Civilians involved: █████
  Written log
Note: No one will trust the menagerie going forward, and neither should we— shut it down.
  After repeated exposure to the same formula of sedative each day, some anomalies even receiving this multiple times a day, most had gained a resistance to its effects. Why they waited until this day to act, we do not understand. It can only be assumed that they possess an intelligence greater than we had previously thought. During peak visiting hours, the anomalies attacked en masse— civilians, personnel, animals— anything alive that was present. There were only three survivors of the attack, which the ACF had to pay a not-insignificant sum to keep quiet. All three were civilians. Thankfully the site director and head researchers were not present, and most have since been reassigned elsewhere.

Viability: Unethical

It is in my opinion that this attraction remain shut down indefinitely, again, it baffles me that it was ever approved to begin with.
— Bwanbale ████, Viability Reviewer


Author's Notes

Feedback is very much welcome! Whether on the content, or the formatting! Please, point out typos if you spot any!

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18 Nov, 2020 22:30

I'm a fan of the mimic gimmick. This would be an unforgettable visit!

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Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
18 Nov, 2020 23:03

How do I know a mimic didn't write this?

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
18 Nov, 2020 23:27
Sage Rynn19
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19 Nov, 2020 06:14

Good thing that park got shut down. Unfortunately things had to go awfully wrong first. Great article!

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19 Nov, 2020 06:27

Truly unfortunate. Maybe one day it'll open again— no, wait, that's just a mimic.

Sage Rynn19
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19 Nov, 2020 10:32

Uh oh!

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19 Nov, 2020 12:57

Wait if EVERYTHING within the park is a mimic...does that mean that the air is also a mimic D:

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Garrett Grace Lewis
19 Nov, 2020 18:07

Just hold your breath for a while it'll be fine. (No not the air)

19 Nov, 2020 14:14

Oh dear lord -- my DM has this inexplicable obsession with Japanese horror and Cthulhu, and I've been chirping him hard because almost everydamnedthing we've encountered for the last three years is some gross aberration with way too many tentacles. I...may have to shut up now. LOL!

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19 Nov, 2020 18:09

"Inexplicable obsession." That stuff is just cool lol. Maybe don't show them this though

19 Nov, 2020 16:50

I love the customer reviews! Probably for the best that this was shut down, though. XD

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Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
19 Nov, 2020 18:10

Thanks! They're always fun to write.

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