Museum of You

Do you ever wish that everything was about you? Well, at the Museum of You— it is!
All of your accomplishments, your failures— yes even that one time you called your teacher "mom" when you were 12— are catalogued within the walls of our museum— all about you! Each individual's visit to our humble museum is custom-tailored to them, and them alone!  

Halls of Memory

The Museum of You can house hundreds of visitors at once, but each will enter a museum of their own. Exhibits, layout, size— even the gift shops all differ greatly for each individual! You may find yourself entering a single, grand hall, the walls lined with memorabilia, photos, and written passages from your past! Maybe you'll find a multi-floor museum with exhibits on particular aspects of your life, such as past hobbies or lifestyles. Many visitors find paintings depicting some of their highs and lows— either literally, or through metaphor! Just as you would have painted, if you had dropped out of high school to paint, which you once dreamed of but gave up on after your father's repeated lectures and instead became a lawyer! Everything about you can be found in the museum, but it's up to you whether you to decide what to visit.  

Find yourself!

You'll find your museum in lovely San Francisco, California, south of the MOMA! We're left along Poenitet Rd.!  
  Open from: Always!* We're all about you!   *Except for Sundays.
I don't care what you say, I'm not going back in there for another experiment. The memories...
— Low level personnel
Imagine how many civilians will be coming through here, we need to make sure what happened last week won't cause problems. What did you see?
— Dr. Josiah, researcher
The broccoli incident...please, I was so young...some things were meant to be forgotten. You can't make me go back— I can't, I won't!
— Low level personnel

Accurate to a point

If you venture too far into your museum, you may find its exhibits to be less and less accurate— until depicting an entirely different reality than your own. It's not perfect! Just make sure to stay up front for the best experience! We want all of our visitors to have the best experience possible, so please, remember this.  

Potential exhibits

While we cannot say what your museum will contain for certain, we can tell you what previous visitors have seen! One such visitor found a room dedicated to her father, and her time spent with him, lovely! Others find exhibits dedicated to pets and other friends, some even with life-sized statues.   Exhibits can be extraordinarily elaborate, with sets, props, music, and even movies! One visitor described an exhibit made to resemble the top of Mt. Everest, from their life-changing journey to its peak. Others find interactive exhibits, such as a karaoke station that brought up information depending on the visitor's singing. This reminded them of their college dream to become a rock star, which they quit after an embarrassing karaoke night! Another visitor spoke about an exhibit dedicated to cinnamon!

There is no End!

There is no end to your museum! With that in mind, there is no reason to look for one, because you won't find it! Please do not try, again, once you start seeing exhibits that depict incorrect information you should turn back! If for some reason you do continue— do not shake your hand.
The gift shop varies! Maybe you'll find a poster you've always wanted? A childhood book, or a novelty pen with your face on it! Stop on by, just remember that you'll need to buy YouBucks from us to spend first!

Viability Report

Number of Incidents: ███
Threat Level: Rust
There have been a ██████████ number of incidents since we opened up A-23 to the public, which seems like a clear ████ for immediate ███████. However, given the nature of these incidents, perhaps not— please see the incident reports below to understand my reasoning.   Experiment Logs for A-23
  Test/experiment #4
Date: ████████
Head researcher: Josiah, Grant
Subject: A low-ranking personnel, referred to as "P-1." Timid, high-school dropout, most duties were janitorial.
Description: P-1 was asked to enter the museum, without being told anything about its anomalous nature.
Result: P-1 exited 3 hours after entry, wearing a suit, and carrying themselves higher. Within the following months they worked their way up to ███████
Notes: Perhaps there was something from their past that they had confronted, allowing them to move forward with their lives?
  Test/experiment #7
Date: ████████
Head researcher: Josiah, Grant
Subject: A lawyer on site
Description: Subject was told to enter the museum, and told nothing else.
Result: Subject returned 2 hours after entry, crying. After being consoled by an on-site therapist, they spoke of the museum showing them an alternate history. It started normally at first, through their childhood, but it diverged wildly in their young adult years— where in our reality they had followed in their father's footsteps and pursued a career in law— having been rejected from an architectural university. However, in the museum's reality— they had instead studied and resubmitted, eventually becoming one of the world's most renowned architects.
Notes: We have to wonder, does this alternate reality exist? Can we bring in someone from the other side?
  Test/experiment #8
Date: ████████
Head researcher: Josiah, Grant
Subject: Research assistant Brady
Description: Subject was tasked with finding an exit within A-23, theoretically leading to a parallel reality.
Result: Subject returned 4 hours later, excited. Her demeanor was different, and she acted as if she had years more experience than me— possessing knowledge of foundation operations known not even to my direct superior. I reported the subject and she was detained at a nearby secure location, where she was to be interviewed.
Notes: We should avoid sending in anyone related to the foundation in the future.
  Interview log #1
Date: ████████
Head researcher: Johns, Haley
Subject: Research assistant Brady
  Johns: Can you tell me how you know about the ████?   Brady: I've worked on that project for the past 5 years, doctor. I'm probably the most knowledgeable one on that particular subject.   Johns: No, Brady, you were an assistant to Dr. Josiah for the past 5 years.   -Brady laughs   Brady: I wasn't— the other me was.   Johns: The other you? Where is she now?   Brady: She's still in there. The museum, my world.   Johns: So you came from another world?   Brady: You could say that, yes. The museum was my entire world until yesterday.   Johns: Can you bring her back?   Brady: Trust me, doctor, I'm the best version of her.   Johns: You can't possibly expect me to believe that.   Brady: Don't believe me? Here's a little secret that'll help shoot you up the ranks— ███ ██████ █████ ██ ███ ████, ███████ ███████ ███ ██ ███ ████ ██ ███ ████ ████.   Johns: We'll just count her as "lost" then, I look forward to working with you, doctor.   -End log-   Notes: If we ever quickly need to train personnel we may be able to leverage this place...  

Viability: Good

It is in my opinion that this attraction remain operational, and further experiments be conducted. There is something valuable here. Sure, visitors who get swapped out are probably starving to death inside the museum— but the version of them that we get in return? It seems like a net positive.
— Bwanbale ████, Viability Reviewer


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Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
1 May, 2020 15:01

Got some good laughs out of this one. Especially "except for sundays" bit. It's also a nice dose of disturbing as well. There are many memories id like to not relive. I certainly don't want to be replaced either XD the logs are fantastic, btw and really shed a light on just how much is going on. excellent work.

Sage Timepool
Garrett Grace Lewis
1 May, 2020 18:13

Thank you! Why wouldn't you want to be replaced and likely starve to death in a museum dedicated to a more successful version of yourself?   I also have to ask, how on earth is your avatar here an oval?

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
1 May, 2020 18:42

Definitely! Not a fun time, and the fact that they are significantly better is ten times worse. Also.... idk lol maybe you're world sees me as an odd duck. XD how strange.

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