Lunar Luxury Discogolf

Pack your things, we're going to the moon.
Bin Folks, Administrator
Why, is it haunted again?
Tired Jim
No, we've been challenged to a game of discogolf by the president of Zambia— and I am not going to lose again.
Bin Folks, Administrator
  Lunar Luxury Discogolf is the premiere discogolf course, one frequented by the ultra wealthy and political elite. It is located on one of the world's most exlcusive locales— the moon.  


The history of the Lunar Luxury Discoglf course is simple: one day Ellie Dusk woke up, and said to herself.  
I'm going to build a discogolf course on the biggest disco ball in the world— the moon.
Ellie Dusk, Besla CEO
  And then she did, much to the chagrin of nearly everyone on Earth.  

Orbital Oasis

The Lunar Luxury Discogolf course has become a popular destination for the world's elite, particularly due to its extreme isolation which ensures that only those with access to spacefaring vehicles, or the wealth to afford Besla's exorbitant shuttle prices, are able to visit. Some visit weekly to play its unique low-gravity courses, some to enjoy the scenery, others visit to mingle with the other guests— many political deals have been made on the course— and some stay there as long as possible, making use of the on-site hotel. Its exclusivity and gravitational uniqueness, however, mean that the site is one of very few banned from hosting International Discogolf Associates Foundation (IDGAF) tournaments.  
"Fine, you win, senator— I'll vote to outlaw chewing gum."   "Now, I know we have plenty of billionaire tax breaks, but what of the poor, poor gazillionaires?"   "If you can beat the course backwards, I'll get you that meeting with my client, you in?"   "Forget discogolf, we settle this like men— meet me in the bathroom in 5."   "Look I'm sure Reelberg is a great director, but 5 billion dollars tells me you're going to let my daughter direct your next blockbuster instead."
— Overheard on the course
  The course is contained under a massive glass dome, which has only leaked twice in the three years since its construction was completed! The majority of the course's facilities lie at the southern edge, including a grand lobby, a lunar Agnew Sr.'s, power generators, life support, a gift shop selling cheap baubles for luxury prices, a small hotel, and a five-star bathroom. A large northern section of the site is walled off to all guests. Strange sounds, including screams, odd music, and ghastly moans, can be heard emanating from the wall— even over the myriad explosions regularly heard throughout the course.  


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