Intern Adventure

TO PLAY: Simply click your response (red), then click to expand the corresponding spoiler (orange)! Try to get all 15 endings for a prize!*
*The prize is laughter
  Welcome to the ACF Intern Adventure! Here you will be trained to handle the excitement and danger faced by ACF personnel each and every day. Are you ready to receive your mission?    
Your mission is a simple one, handle it with care, the utmost speed, and passion— and no one will die! Lives are in your hands!  
You're fired.


You're fired, out of a cannon.


You must properly distribute coffee orders to this floor. You'll find a rolling cart containing the coffee orders by the elevator. We're depending on you! You have enough coffee to serve only 1 hallway, of which there are 3 you can choose from; left, center, and right.  
Here lies this site's Investigations office! As you go along each room, delivering coffee, you hear a lot of worried talk about some sort of "Van Man" wreaking havoc on the nearby town.  
You ask a woman who is reading through a report about the Van Man. She gives you a glare. "You're just an intern, hand me my coffee and go on your way. This is a confidential investigation."  
It sounds like the Van Man is dangerous, many lives have already been lost to his half-man half-van claws. He's been spotted in the local junkyard— where the ACF has been unable to find him. You used to frequent the junkyard as a child, and know exactly where he may be hiding!  
She quickly turns to you, angry. "This is a confidential report! You don't have the proper clearance to read it!" You're fired, like, literally set on fire.


You keep to yourself, and continue delivering coffee. You hand a cup to a short man who thanks you, before taking a sip and spitting it back into your face. "I ordered my coffe to be served at a cool 85 degrees! This is 84! YOU GOT MY ORDER WRONG!" He fumes.  
Fueled by rage, you snatch the coffee from his hand, pull back the swim shorts he was totally wearing the entire time, and pour the liquid into it. He screams, it takes mere seconds before security finds their way to you. You're fired, after everyone in the office gets a turn pouring coffee on you.


"YOU BETTER BE SORRY, GOD!" He screams, before taking a deep breath, and continuing. "Just don't mess it up again, ok?" You nod, and exit the room. One office remains, situated in a dusty, dark corner at the back of the hall.  
You shake your head, and turn back around. One coffee remains— and it's all yours! You raise the sweet liquid to your lips, and think you hear something shout at you— causing you to spill it all over yourself. When you look behind you, no one is there. What a waste.


The door creaks as you open it, and the room is coated in dust and cobwebs. There is no one there, at least, none that you can see. A raspy voice calls to you. "Cofffeeeeeee? Leeeaveee onnnn deeeesk."  
You quickly place the final coffee cup on the desk, and leave the room. The door shuts behind you, and when you go to glance at it, it's gone. When you leave the building at the end of the day, you find a dusty letter in your car. On it, scrawled in shaky pen, are the words "YOU'RE WINNER!!"


Here you'll find this site's R&D department! As you approach the first door, you notice a neon sign hung on its outside. "EXPERIMENT IN PROGESS, DO NOT ENTER." However, the sign doesn't appear to be on— beyond maybe a faint flicker.  
You brazenly thrust open the door, and step inside, coffee cart in tow. A flash of colorful light floods your vision, and you find yourself on the floor— melting beside the coffee cart. Someone screams, "OH GOD, NOT THE COFFEE!" After the coffee is cleaned up, alongside what used to be your body, your liquid form is placed inside a fishbowl— and promptly fired.


You decide not to risk it, and leave the door be for now. In the next room you find a lab, where two researchers are staring intently at a large man-shaped plant. The plant seems to be following your movement intently.  
You cautiously place the coffee on the opposite end of the table. The plant, seeing the as of yet unclaimed coffee, tears itself from its pot and swallows the cups whole. The researchers, mortified, shout at you in unison. "That was the only thing we were looking forward to today! You owe us!"  
You offer to be their test subject. The pair waste no time, and begin sticking you with various needles and tubes. After a few minutes, you black out. You awaken days later to find yourself transformed into another coffee hungry plant.


E9 They shake their heads in unison. "Apology not accepted." Now full of energy, the plant attacks them. You are blamed for their deaths and subsequently fired.


You approach the two researchers, with the plant still following your movement. It doesn't make any other movements, however. Without issue, you hand the researchers their coffee, and head out on your way. At the end of the hall, you find a locked door. It's covered in chains and various warnings. A speaker in the ceiling plays foreboding polka.  
The chains come to life— and convince you to buy in to a pyramid scheme. You are bankrupt within the hour.


A raspy voice calls to you from behind the door. "Paaasssssssworrrd?"  
The chains on the door unwrap themselves, and the door swings open with an eerie creak. You can't see anything inside the room— save for a solitary table at its center. The raspy voice calls to you, yet you can't see anyone around. "Cofffeeeeeee? Pooooooour onnnn taaaaable."  
You decide not to play with mysterious entities, and run away— leaving the coffee behind. You pass your boss on the way out of the building, who taps you on the shoulder. "You're fired."


You hesitate for a moment, before pouring the coffee onto the desk. Somehow, it doesn't spill— and fills up an invisible mug in the table's center. You turn around and go about your day, finding a darkened letter in your pocket as you head home. On it, scrawled in shaky pen, are the words "YOU'RE WINNER!!"


There are no records or signs of a right hallway here.  
You shrug, it could be a simple mistake. Sure enough, there is a right hallway! It seems to twist and bend wildly, as if it belonged in a funhouse— not a serious ACF facility.  
There's nothing weird about that, you figure, and continue down the hall. Strangely, you can't seem to find any doors in it. As you continue down the hallway, it bends and curls more dramatically— until finally terminating in a tall staircase— too tall to carry the coffee cart.  
A grave mistake. As you reach the top of the staircase, you hear a raspy growl. Shortly afterwards, the steps recede to create a slope, sending you tumbling down until you crash into the coffee cart. You're found the next morning in the janitor's closet, covered in coffee You are then promptly fired.


You take 1 cup of coffee with you to deliver to whoever is at the top of the staircase. As you ascend, you feel chills throughout your body. At the top is a glowing white door— you can't see anything through it but more white. You hear a raspy voice call from beyond the glowing rectangle. "Cooffffffeeeee."  
Your vision is engulfed by light as you enter the mysterious door. The raspy voice calls to you again. "Leeet gooooo."  
You interpret this being asked to die. You breathe in deep, and simply stop existing with a satisying pop.


Obviously they mean the coffee, and so, you let go of the coffee. Rather than falling to the floor, you can feel something else grab it. You blink, and find yourself once again at the entrance— with an empty coffee cart. You go home that night, and find a bright white letter in your sink. On it, scrawled in shaky pen, are the words "YOU'RE WINNER!!"




Author's Notes

1 year ago today, I launched APRA! Thank you to everyone who's been along for the ride! This CYOA was a monster to set up, so I hope you enjoy it! Do let me know if something doesn't work!

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I love it!! Nicely done Timepool!!

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