Highway to Hell

So, good news— no, I lied. Bad news, Ash and I are presently trapped inside of a racecar that seems to have a mind of its own and is taking us to car hell. Probably. We don't actually have any idea where it's taking us, we just know we've been going west-ish.
Bin Folks, Administrator
The doors are locked, and Bin has been playing "I Spy" for the past five hours. If he does it one more time I am going to shove something in his little eye.   Strangely, any signals— such as those used to keep track of us— seem to be blocked. It's like this thing has a built in faraday cage— which can't be the case because the one thing we seem to be able to do is send these emails through a...thing Bin has access to. He refuses to explain beyond simply saying "it's the cloud, Ash." No internet. No phone. No GPS. No radio— only these secure emails.   We need any available personnel to help track down our current location, so the folk in Investigations can extrapolate where we're going, and intercept this car. We're attaching a map below of our approximate area— we're in New Mexico, so Bin was able to figure out the general area at least— alongside a list of landmarks we've passed.
— Ash Ngo, APRA Director
These locations are provided in the order we've passed them.   I spy, with my little eye; a circus, a black mesa, a gas station, and a funny looking rock.   Once you've figured it out, reply with the coordinates you think we were present at at the time of this message. Good luck.
Bin Folks, Administrator
Approximate Racecar Location


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26 Oct, 2022 20:35


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26 Oct, 2022 22:02

A9? Maybe?

⚝Senna Nightshade⚝
27 Oct, 2022 10:34

I'm going to go for A9. But I want the funny looking rock to be the clown stone monument so badly.

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
27 Oct, 2022 10:36

Maybe E9? Investigations needs more coffee...

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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27 Oct, 2022 18:03


27 Oct, 2022 19:02

I thiiiiiiink it might be in E4?

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