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ACF: Anomalous Containment Foundation

My father was killed by bigfoot in Nevada, I'll make sure that son of a gun never sees the light of day again so long as I— you're writing this down? Protecting people! ACF's goal is to protect people! My folks, the Folks, have run this organization for five generations after my great great great great great grandmother was eaten alive by mermaids in Bermuda.
— Bin Folks, Administrator
  The ACF, or Anomalous Containment Foundation is an organization dedicated to containing potentially dangerous anomalies that seem to defy the laws of the natural world, from geographical locations, structures, and artifacts, to sentient beings, strange individuals, and even entire organizations. The trouble is, however, that maintaining a secretive global organization is incredibly expensive.  

A Muddled Purpose

The ACF's primary goal, at least outwardly, is to protect humanity from potentially dangerous anomalous threats and maintain some sense of normalcy for the average civilian. They operate at a global scale, working outside of governmental jurisdiction and remaining unseen to most.   Inwardly, known only to the administrator and councilmembers, the foundation's primary goal is one of petty revenge. A multi-generational grudge against anomalies, a sporting spirit, and a potential family curse have spurred the Folk family for generations to combat and contain anomalies across the globe. Those close to any of the Folk family members frequently fall victim to anomalies, be they killed, maimed or simply bankrupt as a result.


Shortly after the death of Sylvia Folks in 1865, explorer and eccentric Jim Folks returned home to find that the Civil War had not only ended— but had happened in the first place.   His home in New Mexico had been burned to the ground by departing confederate soldiers. All that had survived was a family heirloom— a pair of golden divining rods.   It just so happened that these would be the first in the ACF's collection of anomalous objects— as they guided Jim Folks to a stash of confederate gold in the rubble of his hometown. Gold which he was all too glad to commandeer for himself.   With nothing left to return to, he left his hometown and began to build up a community— travelling around the world and finding others who had witnessed the strange and unexplained, eventually founding the ACF.


The ACF is run first and foremost by the administrator— who is always an heir of the Folks family line. Currently, Bin Folks is the administrator, and has been a somewhat controversial leader throughout his thirty-year tenure. The administrator has absolute power over the organization, they choose what operations to prioritize, where to allocate funds, approve new initiatives and projects, communicate with governments, sponsors, and other organizations, and have final say on council decisions.   The Jim Council— typically referred to as "The Jims," "Jim," or "Jimbo" was named after the ACF's founder, Jim Folks. It is comprised of seven councilmembers who make many of the same decisions as the administrator, and possess full security clearance. These councilmembers are given nicknames as their true identities are concealed— typically "Jim" prefaced by an adjective, like "Grumpy Jim," "Heavy Jim," and "Inebriated Jim."   Below the Jims are the overseers of specific containment sites and facilities, then scientists and researchers, security personnel, grunt-work personnel, and finally test subjects. (The latter two are often one and the same, due to budget constraints and the exorbitant prices seen in human trafficking.)   Somewhat separate are the various field teams and operatives, which include researchers, contacts, spies, and foundation-trained combat personnel.  


The ACF conducts a wide variety of covert operations across the globe, in some cases sending only a sole investigator, and in others sending a heavily armed task force. This largely depends on the initial report given to the foundation, in most cases these only warrant a handful of standard investigators— who are seen as somewhat expendable in case the anomaly in question is dangerous. However, with particularly strange or large-scale anomalies, highly skilled investigators known as Sylvias— named after the Folk ancestor who's death led to the ACF's founding— are sent in. The investigator(s) will then report in, and contain the anomaly themselves or call in a team to aid them.   Larger scale anomalies, such as geographical oddities, cursed cities, and clown cars, require bargaining with local governments and businesses through various shell organizations to purchase the land and quickly construct proper containment structures on it. In many cases land is freely handed over, or at least sold for an extraordinarily small fee, simply so that its current owners may be rid of it. On a few rare occasions, task forces have had to be sent in to intimidate landowners.  

Staying Afloat

In order to combat their failing finances, the ACF has taken a number of drastic steps. The first of which was taking corporate sponsorships— namely from organizations previously contained by them, such as The 3rd Circle Bar & Grill, Samson Hotels, and Batch. Memos are footnoted with advertisements and taglines, equipment ranging from lab coats to firearms have stickers proudly displaying sponsor logos attached, and response teams are obligated to pitch sponsors' products to the grateful and/or frightened victims of anomalies.
I'll be honest with you lot, we're not doing too well. We may have to release the man-hyenas in another quarter. The Philippine government is bribing us to contain electric fans, and I'll be honest, I'm considering the offer.
— Bin Folks, Administrator
  Other organizations and groups, including governments, rock humans, and unions have bribed the ACF to not contain them— or to prioritize containment of something close to them such as actual anomalies, political rivals, illegitimate children, and television shows. Even this, however, has proven to barely keep the foundation afloat— and with several potentially world-ending anomalies under their protection they cannot simply allow the lights to go off. Something more is necessary.  

The APRA Initiative

A grand idea was proposed, one that would simultaneously decrease the money spent by the ACF and make more— the creation of the Anomalous Parks and Recreation Areas subsidiary. This new arm of ACF would find anomalies deemed not that dangerous and release them— with the added twist of converting them into tourist attractions.   These new attractions could take sponsorships, collect funds from ticket and gift-shop sales, donations, and even government funding in some cases. APRA is a fledgling endeavor, only about a decade into its existence— and it seems to be working.   As the money flows in, the ACF's councilmembers wonder exactly how much they can gain from this endeavor. What really is "danger" anyway? The lines between safe and dangerous are blurring as they release more and more anomalies from containment and invite the public to visit them.


Author's Notes

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