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A Christmas Tree-t

Due to a flood of recent complaints in regards to our local flora, namely the living Christmas trees, we have decided to take action. No longer will they carol late into the night, disregarding our noise ordinance, nor will they block our views, disrupt our sleep, devalue our property, or run amok without so much as a single bauble hung upon their branches. This morning, we have sent out an organized mob containing our humble police force, homeowner's association, and concerned citizens, to deal with the situation. However they decide to handle the trees, and I cannot stress this enough, isn't our fault.
— Sally Sap, Snowy Shores Mayor
You killed them all. My mother. My father. My brothers and sisters, even my racist uncle (yes trees can be racist). Their ashes covering me, hiding me— protecting me. They tasted awful. I alone remain, and I will not forget. Bark my words— you will regret this, Snowy Shores. Anyone responsible for their deaths will be held accountable.
— Tiny Timber
The mission was a success! The trees are gone and the factory can begin construction! Our sponsor says they've revoked the holiday for their employees and are starting today, in fact! Alongside this, we're getting news of a mass murderer in Snowy Shores, people are being strung up like morbid Christmas trees. It probably has nothing to do with us, just a coincidence. That's their problem, now. Good work everyone, enjoy the holiday!
Bin Folks, Administrator


Author's Notes

Merry Christmas, and thank you to everyone who read and participated! I know this was less involved than last year, I originally planned to bring Sanda back and do a similarly big thing— but my health didn't want to cooperate. Next year, perhaps! Hopefully this was still enjoyable regardless of the change in plans!

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Dec 25, 2021 18:49 by Dani

Definitely not our fault XD Good job! <3

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Now with serialized fiction on Ream!!
Dec 25, 2021 19:50 by Garrett Grace Lewis

No one wants the blame for this.

Dec 25, 2021 18:58

Great work team!

Dec 25, 2021 19:51 by Garrett Grace Lewis

And no one (we know) was hurt!

Dec 25, 2021 20:04 by R. Dylon Elder

To whom it may concern: I have mixed feelings about this outcome. Not only do I feel remorse, and a sense of personal responsibility but i have also discovered a previously nonexistant affinity for plants. A routine trip to the local hardware store resulted in a impulse buy of 4 christmas trees. I believe myself to be compromised. Send help!

Dec 25, 2021 23:52 by Garrett Grace Lewis

A team of quarantine personnel will be arriving shortly. Stay where you are.

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