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Tawny-Tale Tavern

Hello, and welcome to my entry for the Tavern Challenge, I hope you enjoy reading about it! ~ Fyrsa.
  Thought folkloric by most, a secret among Wayfarers is the existence of the Tawny-Tale Tavern. Descriptions vary wildly between accounts, with even its location heresy at best. Rarely, you may stumble across an inconspicuous doorway, at the end of a dimly lit city alley. Deep in the woods, a hollow tree stump lined with bricks leads to a fireplace chimney. A mirror on the wall of local inn may reflect the unfamiliar - yet inviting - Tawny-Tale interior.   The following article will introduce you to the Tawny-Tale Tavern and its many peculiarities. With its elusive Keeper, and bizarre guests and inhabitants - the Tawny-Tale is an enigma that appears in folklore and historical records across the world. Beyond its true nature, there are many who would attempt to profit from the tavern's renown, whether they be souvenir-makers, tourist traps, or con-artists who fabricate stories for personal fame.  
Tavernkeeper Moth toasts to her rowdy patrons.

The Tavern
  "The Tawny-Tale Tavern? Either you've had too much ale, or you've been scammed. Probably both."   Though rumours and tall tales surrounding the Tawny-Tale originate potentially millennia ago, it is only within the past few centuries that it has become a topic of serious study. Appearing in various locations before vanishing, it is suspected by many that the tavern exists in its own plane, and is connected to Apocrypha through shifting portals. Others posit that the entire tavern teleports; simply blending in with the local surroundings, or that there are even multiple similar taverns with identical keepers. Despite the differences, a few key details always remain the same:  
  • The Tawny-Tale Tavern retains the same layout, even if its aesthetics change between visitations.
  • The Tavern-keeper - Grandmother Moth - is always present, and is identical across appearances.
  • Its patrons come from across the world, with no two ever visitors arriving from the same location.
  With these strange consistencies, greater truths about the it can be discerned by comparing various accounts. Appearing not only at physical thresholds, some at the brink of death see the tavern. It is a safe haven for those who are travelling, alone, and lost - physically, or otherwise. It brings together people from across not only the world, but the planes of existence, to lift their spirits, and provide shelter until they are ready to face the world again. Although no two patrons come from the same walk of life - wherever they may go - they leave together.  
Layout of the Tawny-Tale's ground floor.

Grandmother Moth.
  "What you need to know right now isn't who I am... but that there's somebody who wants to listen."   Beyond is the enigma of the tavern's keeper: Grandmother Moth. An elderly and portly elephant-folk, Moth is covered in rust-hued fur, speckled with grey and white. Wearing pink and lavender, she is rarely seen without hands, tusks, and a trunk full of tankards. She is always open to listen to her patrons stories, and freely provides food and drink. Jovial, kind-hearted, and sincere; she has both the wit and wisdom to provide comfort where possible, while eluding any attempts to learn about her nature. The tavern, and its keeper, are mysteries alike.   Rumours are abound as to the true nature and origins of the both Tawny-Tale, and Grandmother Moth. A common form of entertainment for patrons is attempting to persuade Moth to give answers - usually to no success. Another is oft-drunken debates on the matter between one-another, much to her amusement. Some speculate that she is a powerful - but retired - arcanist, seeking to provide respite to lost souls. Others proclaim her to be one of the unknown Exarchs of the Changebringer - the goddess of travel protecting protect those who wander the world.   'Ma Moth is thought by most to simply be word-play on Mammoth, hiding her true name. What few suspect is that the truth lies in plain sight - Moths are the chosen animal of the Moonweaver. As the goddess of trickery, illusion, love, and shelter, Grandmother Moth is her secret Avatar. She guards the planar pathway known as the Celestial Staircase, and the Tawny-Tale Tavern is but one of many entrances. For those with the wisdom to keep her secret, the pathway to not only planes, but universes beyond, is opened. The Moonweaver's greatest trick... is honesty.  
At the very least, that's what the Moonweaver would want you to think. Hope you enjoyed it! ~ Fyrsa.
Grandmother Moth
The Curious Keeper of the Tawny-Tale Tavern.
Adetoke Trosseaux
Researcher of Teleportation and Planar Travel.
Mizhir al-Zafri
Occultism Enthusiast and Liquor Connoisseur.
Planeswalker, and a Friend to All in the Tavern.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant


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Mar 26, 2022 20:43 by Michael Chandra

Oh I really like the sound of that, a place that's there for those that need it and helps them on their way. A lovely divine place. The layout shows the place is simple but delightful to stay at, I'd love to sit near the fire while hearing the card games.

Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
Mar 26, 2022 22:00

Thank you very much. I wanted it to feel like the kind of place where you could feel safe enough to fall asleep at a table, and wake up to find a blanket over you. I'm glad the simple but cosy atmosphere came across well!

Mar 27, 2022 22:47

Love the map and character figures! The idea of a possibly interdimensional, traveling tavern sounds fun.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to check out my Tavern Challenge article if you want to see what I am up to! The Black Hare Tavern

Mar 28, 2022 18:30

Exploring and travel is a key theme of my world, so the tavern felt like the perfect way to make something unique that represented the world. I'm glad you liked it!

Mar 31, 2022 01:57

Nice map. Interesting tavern's keeper.

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