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(Not completed)   Apelatha is an island divided into 10 different countries. These countries exist in an almost constant "silent war". This war consists of all the countries making over the top shows of power to maintain their balance. Though they are strong, they each hold secrets that could drop their high status into one of turmoil.   Zyr, Copalia, Heimland, Calhoun, Acra, Asterglen, Miknalla, and Delfin are all completely different in many ways, but one. This common ground is that no one in Apelatha has ever found anything outside of it. Will you be the first?   From roaring waterfalls or endless plains to towering mountains or drifting deserts, Apelatha has all the worlds different biomes and ecosystems. The citizens in all the countries, but a few hold their rulers to the highest regard and fully support their decisions. Though there are three lone wolves in this pack, I can insure that you will undertake an exciting journey in the imaginative, stunning, and secretive world of Apelatha.   Will you be the first to uncover secrets this land has kept hidden for centuries? Or will you use the balance of these nations to your own benefits?   With hopeful ideas, The Creator, Rilla
      (I made the made above with Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator and Google Slides)

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