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Isolated and mysterious, Calhoun awaits

Created by a helpful lurker; Rilla

(This is not finished) Bordering the Bay of Lares lies a fantastical country called Calhoun. It spans the Strait of Ruya as well as occupying the territory surrounding the Devil's Boot.       Thought to be inhabited by the mystical species Okix, it is an isolated country though it borders many others.


At the edge of Eastern edge of Apelatha lies Calhoun. With the peaks of the Rialtona Mountains rising to the west, and the nonnegotiable seas of the Bay of Lares to the east, Calhoun is one of the most scenic of all the countries in Apelatha.   Most of its terrain is densely forested hills, but an occasional meadow can be discovered. Small creeks and trickling rivers flow throughout the region.

Fauna & Flora

Flora: Mountainous wildflowers, long grasses, tall pines, bright maples, and shaded mosses flourish in Calhoun's endless forests.   Wildflowers: Among the common daisies and columbines, lies a bright pink flower with a carnivorous appetite. The Chirium flower will quickly feast on anything moving heading its way.   Grasses: Though all grasses in Calhoun are "normal" one type in particular will surprise you with its bright colors. The blue Balcoh grass is highly revered throughout Calhoun because of the fact that it can heal anyone from the disease Amlica. As Balcoh grass is the only known cure to this day, it is now almost extinct from overuse.   Pine Trees:   Maples:   Mosses:     Fauna: Timid deer, spritely jackalopes, bumbling bees, scavenging wolves, and protective bears also inhabit this area.   Deer:   Jackalopes:   Bees:   Wolves:   Bears:

Alternative Name(s)
The Forgotten Peninsula

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Author's Notes

Thank you for reading! This is a work in progress!

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