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Please note that this world is going through some minor changes and is a Work In Progress, so if things look a little odd, or there is a general lack of content - don't worry - it's being worked on! Thank you for your patience.

About AP.

Hello! I'm Abi, a British digital fantasy cartographer and it is a pleasure to meet you. While maps are my main creative passion, I also dabble in a little writing, worldbuilding, RPG's and am currently attempting to learn crochet, knitting and embroidery.   I have always enjoyed drawing, and took a diploma in Creative Technology, but it wasn't until the summer of 2019 where I followed a YouTube tutorial by WASD20 that I fell in love with fantasy cartography. Since then, cartography has become my focus for my art and I continue to learn and develop with each map I make. The tools I use are predominantly Adobe Photoshop and Procreate, but I do occassionally draw on real paper with pencil and fine liners. Mixing traditional and digital methods is something I enjoy and hope to do more of, you will find at least two maps created in such a way in the Gallery.   My mapmaking journey has not long begun, and there is much more for me to make and to learn along the way. Thank you to all those who have joined me so far on this adventure, and to any who decide to join!  

The Golden Pinecone

You are more than welcome to join my little creative community over on Discord, The Golden Pinecone, where we chill, chat and share our different projects, supporting and encouraging one another.   Click on the Pinecone to the left to join the server. See you there!


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