Nordic Clans

The clans of the Nordic people of Binorðheim have been around since their arrival on the shores of the northern lands of Glan'Amar. Each clan devotes themselves to and embodies the spirit of one of the totemic animal spirits, or Fylgja, who assisted them in their exodus from their homeland.  

Clan Ulfur

The clan of the wolf is the largest of the clans, made up of several smaller clans. The Ulfur are protective of their freedom and quick to aggression when they feel it threatened. They are spread out among much of the northern tundra of Binordheim. Hunters and beast masters, the Ulfur are known for keeping and hunting alongside packs of wolves, some are even said to have the ability to transform themselves into a hybrid form of their clan's spirit, a form of lycanthropy known as a Hexenwulf. They are rarely seen alone, and are formidable in groups, relying on their numbers for anything from gathering to war tactics.  

Clan Geit

The clan of the ram is the most adaptable and resilient of the clans. living among the northern mountains bordering great tundra wastelands, they survive by the harsh winters by willpower and skill. In fact, the Geit are known for surviving in the harshest winters without issue. Their largest advantage is their ability to thrive off what little space they find available. They are close allies with the Ivaldir who inhabit the same mountain range they border and share the same interest in stone and steel craft.  

Clan Muninn

Named for Odin's raven, the clan of the raven are renown sailors, traders, colonizers, and shipbuilders. They were the first to settle in Binordheim and they have since created several colonies and trade partners in the rest of the world. In addition to being the Nord's main source of outside goods, they are also their main source of knowledge of the outside world. In the true spirit of the raven, the Mun gather information on all places they visit from culture and clothing to military and defenses, an action that has instigated hostility with other nations in the past.

Khorsair Isles

The Khorsair Isles were founded by the clan of the raven far in the past. These isles raided the Aestaran Empire often during their time, but one leader among the Khorsair took a deal with the Imperials, granted land, title, and marriage to a princess in the Empire in exchange for their defense from further raids. Using the shipbuilding techniques and knowledge of his kin, the newly titled lord pushed his kinfolk back from his shores. Eventually, the Empire would use their newly formed navy to destroy the Khorsair. The city of Narel is the capital of the lands granted to the Khorsair leader who joined the Empire.  

Clan Bjørn

The clan of the bear lives in the northeastern region of the continent and along the Crystal Spear Mountains north of them where they push back against the incursion of a troll kingdom in the frozen waste beyond them. They are stalwart protectors and well suited for surviving the harsh winds of the north. Unlike their wolfen kin, the clan of the bear excels in single combat. Each member is expected to be able to handle themselves both on and off the battlefield. This by no means implies that they are a selfish society, the clan of the bear holds close the traditions of hospitality and community, but one must always be ready to fend for themselves in the frozen north. Women of this tribe are more likely to become warriors, known as shield-maidens, and some have even taken a que from their neighboring clan and have attempted taming and riding bears into battle.  

Clan Ulger

  The clan of the owl are seen as the most reclusive of the clans. Inhabiting lands in and around a dense boreal forest, the Ulger are rarely seen by the other clans, but regardless of this they are known as the wisest of the clans. Mystical and untamed, the Ulger have the deepest understanding of the world on both a spiritual and physical level, as many of them are hunters, druids and magical practitioners uncovering the art of runeweaving (sorcery). They are the least aggressive of the clans, or so it would seem. Any time another clan or roving band of trolls has ever thought to invade the lush lands of the Ulger, they have either disappeared or found themselves back where they started, unable to navigate the forests they inhabit thanks to the runic enchantments carved into the trees of their forests.  

Clan Drage

The clan of the Lindworm is the most distrusted of the clans. The Drage follow in the footsteps of the dragon, and as such they are seen as greedy and, at times, savage. They have been known to seek war with the other clans or resources and land, they take prisoners as servants and slaves, and perform regular mortal sacrifice to appease the gods and their totem who they believe inhabits the mountains of their lands and likely all the lands of Binordheim. They are unafraid to go to war with their own kin and hold grudges for generations so when they do it seems as though it was an unprompted attack. In addition to this, the Drage have been known to mix their blood with the blood of dragons, giving their elite warriors increased power and a closer connection to the lindworm.  

Clan Rev

The clan of the fox is the most cunning of the clans. They are often viewed by the other clans as lacking in honor with little regard for fame, but that is not entirely true, they simply seek a different kind of fame. Cunning and at times deceitful, the Reven have been known to employ guerrilla tactics in combat and subterfuge against other clans, territories on raids, and creatures of the north. Their uncommon tactics do not embody their entire clan though, for their cunning gives them unique advantage in the winters when they are able to traverse little-known paths along the ice that forms within the central sea.  The Reven do gain some respect from their brethren for their skill at hunting. Many great and powerful creatures have been felled by the Reven who are not afraid to let a hunt drag on for days until the prey is weak and tired enough for a swift kill.  

Clan Okse

The clan of the aurochs is the smallest of the clans and the least diverse, but also boasts the strongest warriors. The Okser are made up almost entirely of Askarn, the origin race of the Nords, and are integrally tied to the World Tree as all of the Nords once were. They boast great strength and skill, and are the most respected, even by the Drage. They are the guardians of a holy site connecting the mortal world to the Hall of Heroes, Valhalla. As such they are often more knowledgeable in obscure or advanced fighting styles such as giant-weapon mastery (the ability to wield a two-handed weapon in their main hand).      

Clan Hjort

The clan of the stag no longer exists as part of the Nordic people. Once the proudest and most renown clan, they made an effort to establish their own empire within the continent to the south, Harental, centuries ago to great success. The Aestaran Empire was formed from the expansion of the Hjort, but when they had finished bringing all the native kingdoms under their sway they turned on their own to pledge fealty, to which none desired. As a result the other clans were pushed from Harental. As a final act against their kin, the newly crowned Aestaran Emperor sailed to the isle of Sarendril and sundered the great tree, a wound from which it still suffers greatly.
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