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Post-Ascension- 7e103

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Aonar; a continent ancient and largely unexplored. For the past 5000 years, Aonar has toiled under the tyrannical leadership of an entity known only as The Lord Emperor. His effective enslavement of the lower class of beings (commonly known as the Sca’a), and the firm political grip over the higher class of beings (known as the Noble families) has been unwavering since a series of events known as The Ascension, where The Lord Emperor came into his power and was deified. Claiming the title of The Sliver of Infinity, he quickly established himself as Godhead of his own church, known as The Ministry of Steel.   The continent is divided into four royal courts: The Court of Coins, The Court of Cups, The Court of Swords, and The Court of Wands. At the center of the continent, atop a dormant volcano whos top has been sheared flat, sits the Imperial City of Kren’Karthac with the palace of The Lord Emperor, Skep’maer Shaw, nestled at its’ center.   Kren’Karthac is an ancient city whose dwellings are mostly carved out of volcanic rock, such as basalt and cobalt. Sheltering a population of less than 500 individuals, most of Kren’Karthacs’ inhabitants are those who serve The Lord Emperor on a daily basis. His palace guard, imperial tax collectors, and many Obligators and Magistrates as well as his 12 Steel Inquisitors reside in this city. Movement in and out of the Imperial City is closely regulated.   At the center of Kren’Karthac lies the Imperial Palace of Skep’maer Shaw. The Imperial Palace is a massively tall, wicked and imposing building. This ten-pointed star-shaped fortress is made mostly of evil-looking towers and walls, formed of a dark glass-like obsidian material.

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