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A thousand years ago the gods receded. Now the earth cracks and their voices are heard again.

  It is said a thousand years ago the gods walked the earth and spoke daily to their worshippers. Then they went to war, causing great destruction and calamity. In the aftermath the gods withdrew from mankind, still granting favour to the occasional holy man, but remaining silent.   Time wore on bringing plagues, wars, good kings and bad. Dwarves mined their gemstones and Elves sang their songs.   On the continent of Anvimar, in the Kingdom of Korinthia a time of peace has settled. High King Roderick II rules from the throne in grand city of Calthas. His father, Roderick the Bold, settled years of unrest between squabbling fiefdoms. Bordered by the Dragonspine mountains to the East, the Wildewoods to the South, and the Anvarian Ocean to the West, the easiest trade path appears to be to the North-East, through the neighbouring Holy Ardian Empire. But the Empire is not Korintha, and it's ways are very different.