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Amy Winters-Voss
Author of the upcoming book Rise: Liminal Chronicles |



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tutorials, textile arts, writing, worldbuilding

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Shy Red Fox broadcasts several times a week. Though, she will occasionally do a surprise stream.

ShyRedFox on Twitch
Topics February 2021
1-2 PM CT (7-8 PM GMT)
WRITE IN- where I work on one of the Liminal Chronicles books
Saturday 9:30-10:30 am CDT
Craft and chat. Bring a craft (if you like), grab a drink and have a relaxing, low key chat with the group. (No craft and chat on the 3rd Saturday of the month. That is the WA Inner Sanctum Coffee and Sage Workshop time.)
  The foillowing will resume sometime in March after the big learning curve for my book release.
1-2 PM CT (7-8 PM GMT)
WRITE IN: where I work on WE articles
2-3 PM CT (8-9 PM GMT):: Factoid Friday (2nd and 4th Friday of the month)
World Anvil or fiber arts tutorial + Ferret tax!
  If you can't catch my stream, be sure to catch other member streams!   If there's a topic you'd like covered DM me on discord or shoot me an email amywintersvoss(at)

Also Known As

ShyRedFox, Amy Winters-Voss (pen name), ShyBlueFox (WA blog)

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