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In a world entangled by nations and colonial regions, Anubia is an unforgiving land entrenched in a long history of exploitation, war, and unstable peace. Within the lands of Anubia lies the five great nations: Zalir, Minigal, Jubasah, Krashir, and Borounjor. These nations were individually forged either through conflict, a common culture, or by a common goal. Though these entities rule their respective sovereignty, the numerous ethnic groups and colonies that inhabit Anubia possess their own identity and agendas. Yet an ancient continent that was once inhabited by a long gone civilization is an area of global mystery... and danger. For those that explored it have never returned.   The civilizations of Anubia have undergone episodic developments that brought about technological advances that enabled some societies to live in luxury and economic prosperity. But these advancements have also brought about extreme poverty, and brutal mechanized warfare. Thus resources are a spark of constant contention between the nations and their colonies.   Inspired by African, and Middle Eastern culture, Anubia will be a mysterious land filled with intrigue, majesty, and character. Its geography, and people will bring the world of Anubia to life and will immerse the reader into its wondrous fabric of storytelling. My the keeper of stories, Kwaku Anasi, bless this item of fiction for all people to enjoy.

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