Talon Dardendrien

When her father was murdered, Talon took up the study of the blade as so never to feel powerless again. She dedicated her life to perfecting the art of sword fighting and protecting the weak. She admired Sabine and saw him as a friendly rival, and felt pity for Rash-Har and Orna’s ill-fortune.  

Entry 1:

  Among the jousters entered in Duke Reubiv’s Tournament of Fall Folly, AOA -5040, was Ser Dardendrien’s 9 year old daughter, Talon. The knights laughed (a cute jest, and very typical of Duke Reubiv to allow such a thing) until the girl knocked Goodfry Wilhelm, last year’s champion, out of the saddle in a single hit. She didn’t win the rest of her matches that tourney, but at the Duke’s winter fete she managed to disarm the viscount in the fencing ring. Such a prodigy has not been seen in our lands before, and I am certain it will only be a matter of time before she attracts the unwanted attention of the King’s men.  

Entry 2:

  The South River Girl's Home was thought to have been set ablaze in an attempt to intimidate Headmistress Talon Dendarian. There were many who disagreed with her unorthodox schooling methods -- teaching young orphan women the art of swordplay -- and saw it as a crude army recruitment strategy, indoctrinating an impressionable generation into a war that many felt had ended. Her body was never recovered, nor was her famed sword of legend. They erected a shrine in her honor near the Crested Cliffs, where it is said she watches over the young girls of the great planes to this day.  


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