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Oration Domain <Cleric>

Oration Domain Spells
Cleric Level Spells   1st:
  Command, Heroism   3rd:
  Silence, Suggestion   5th:
  Tongues, Speak with Dead   7th:
  Compulsion, Charm Monster   9th:
  Dream, Geas

1st level:
Bonus Proficiencies:
At first level, you gain proficiency in deception and persuasion.

Spark of Oration: Also at first level, you learn how to spread your messages throughout groups. You have advantage on deception and persuasion checks you make when communicating with three or more non-friendly creatures.   You also learn the cantrip thaumaturgy, which doesn't count against your number of cleric cantrips known.  

  2nd level:
Channel Divinity: Good measure:
Starting at 2nd level, you can use your channel divinity to amplify your spells. After you cast a cleric spell without concentration as an action on your turn, you may spend a use of channel divinity to replicate that spell's effect as a bonus action. You still must spend a spell slot and supply any components as if you were casting a spell.   When you replicate a spell that heals or deals damage in this way, you may add 1d8 to the amount of healing received or damage dealt.

6th level:
Impassioned Orator:
At 6th level, you understand how to use your faith to communicate your ideals under any circumstances. You may use your wisdom modifier, instead of charisma, when making persuasion or deception checks. Your voice is also immune to any magical sources of the silenced condition. (You may supply verbal components for spells)

8th level:
Potent Cantrips:
Starting at 8th level, you may add your wisdom modifier to one damage roll of any cleric cantrip you cast.

17th level:
Holy Orator:
At 17th level, Your words influence your spells and allow them to reach more creatures. When you cast a spell that targets one creature, you may have that spell also target another creature within range. The spell must lack the concentration property and have a duration of instant to be used in this way. Once you cast a spell in this way, you can't do so again until you finish a rest.

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