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Using Antipodean Moon

Choosing a Game System

Victorian Role-Playing Games

Role-playing in the Victorian era has a lot of fans, more than sufficient to support the development of many game systems and setting books over the years. What's missing from this entire body of work is a Victorian-era Australian colonial setting with sufficient breadth and depth for long term campaigns. Well, not any more.

Game Systems for Antipodean Moon

Game Masters intending to use Antipodean Moon as their setting will require an underlying game system that provides a set of game mechanics. Antipodean Moon is system agnostic and can be used with a wide range of published role-playing game systems.   Games listed below provide rules for character creation and advancement, skills and skill use, and combat resolution suitable for role-playing in Antipodean Moon, all at a Game Master's discretion. These games also provide additional details on the mid to late Victorian era, tweaked for use in their companion setting. Settings in the listed games range from historical to fantastical. Varying degrees of magic, steampunk tropes, Western European myths and legends, and alternative histories take these settings in wildly different directions. The presence of non-humans like elves, dwarves, orcs, and trolls adds to the fantasy nature of some of these settings.   Game Masters are advised to consider carefully any use of companion setting details when choosing a game system. Antipodean Moon's unique attraction as a setting, its tone, drama, and player experience come from its themes, player agency, and focus. Read Antipodean Moon's World Meta before altering the setting. Don't expose game elements to players that unwittingly move Antipodean Moon in another direction. Please consider campaign objectives and player wishes, and change Antipodean Moon deliberately, not accidentally.   Unless stated otherwise, the listed role-playing games use their own unique game systems. Items in the table link to the corresponding product on DriveThruRPG.

Setting Date Title Publisher Edition Published
1815-1915 The Kerberos Club - uses the FATE, Savage Worlds, and Wild Talents game systems Arc Dream Publishing FATE 2009
1815-1915 GURPS Classic: Steampunk - uses the Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS) Steve Jackson Games For 3rd Edition 2000
1856 Victoriana Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd 3rd 2013
1870 For Faerie, Queen, & Country Universe Book - uses the Amazing Engine game system TSR Inc 1st 1993
1870-1890 Castle Falkenstein R. Talsorian Games Inc 1st 1994
1870-1899 Gaslight - uses the 3.5 SRD (OGL), 5e SRD (OGL), and Savage Worlds game systems Battlefield Press Inc 2nd - 3.5 SRD OGL 2015
1870-1899 Vis Imperium Victoriana Brittannia Games Design 2nd 2019
1871 Steamscapes - uses the Savage Worlds game system Four in Hand Games 1st 2013
1872 d20 Past - uses the d20 Modern game system Wizards of the Coast 1st 2005
1879 1879 Fasa Games Inc 1st 2017
1880-1900 The Imperial Age - uses the 3.5 SRD (OGL), d20 SRD (OGL), 5e SRD (OGL), and True20 Adventure Roleplaying game systems Adamant Entertainment d20 OGL 2009
1880-1901 Victorious - uses the 3.5 SRD (OGL) and Castles & Crusades game systems Troll Lord Games 1st 2016
1889 Space 1889 - uses the Ubiquity game system Clockwork Publishing 1st 2014
1890-1899 Cthulhu by Gaslight - uses the Call of Cthulhu game system Chaosium Inc 7th 2019
1896 Clockwork Dominion Reliquary Game Studios 1st 2013

For a comprehensive list of Victoriana and Steampunk RPGs released between 1983 and 2014, see Age of Ravens' excellent history posts.

Virtual Table Top (VTT) Support

Some of the game systems mentioned have strong support across a number of VTTs.   World Anvil has character sheets for FATE, Savage Worlds, Wild Talents, GURPS, Castle Falkenstein, 3.5e OGL, 5e OGL, d20 OGL, True20, Castles & Crusades, Ubiquity, and Call of Cthulhu. While not a full-featured VTT, World Anvil's Heroes campaign manager can be used to support a role-playing game.   At the time of writing this article:
  • FATE is supported by Foundry, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Astral TableTop
  • Savage Worlds is supported by Foundry, Roll20, and Fantasy Grounds
  • the 3.5e and 5e System Reference Documents (SRDs) under their respective Open Gaming Licences (OGLs) are supported by Foundry, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Astral TableTop
  • Call of Cthulhu is supported by Foundry, Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and Astral TableTop
  • Wild Talents and Ubiquity are supported by Roll20
  • the d20 Modern SRD under its OGL and Castles & Crusades are supported by Fantasy Grounds.
This is not to say Game Masters can't run any role-playing game on any VTT, just that some options have much of the work done already.

Call of Cthulhu

Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu role-playing game has a Cthulhu by Gaslight option set in the 1890s, primarily in the United Kingdom.

Whoever Owns the Land Makes the Rules uses Antipodean Moon as the setting, Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition core rules as the game system, and Cthulhu by Gaslight supplements for period ambience.

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition

Call of Cthulhu Supplements


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