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Antiochos, A Plane out of Phase

Harvest's End, 1104

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It is the year 1104 PR. The known world of Antiochos is not in a good way right now.   The continent of Arn-Bordas is on the cusp of war, with the two major regional powers ready to tear each other apart. The God-Empress of the The Holy Auldhelmian Empire seeks to spread her Light across the known world, by any means necessary; meanwhile, the The Twelve Kingdoms of Tyrfalgr see themselves on the cusp of fulfilling a prophecy that threatens an existential crisis for the Sons of the South.   Meanwhile, from far to the north, beyond the shores of Arn-Bordas, scouts from Auldhelm have reported the falling of a Dark Star. This Star had utterly destroyed lands that the Empress sought dearly, sparing only disparate pockets of civilization. The scouts returned to Arn-Bordas changed. They came back wrong.   You are not a hero. You are a hunter of monsters, a wayfarer, an adventurer, maybe even a peasant who's just had enough. You live in the cracks between the oases of civilization. And depending on how you play your cards, you might just survive to see tomorrow.

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Tyrfalgr: The Battle for the Borderlands

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Make a choice: Stop the Army of the Empress, or the Cloud that drives her?

Arn-Bordas: The Order of the Sanguine Sepulcher

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The cracks between civilization teem with the monstrous and the aberrant. See them purged.

Auldhelm: In the Dark Star's Wake

Index Card RPG

The Dark Star has fallen. Act as the Empress's sword and purge the Star's influence from her lands.