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The year is 2200. The world has changed. Humanity has ignored the steady drop in resources over the past few decades and now the end of all for civilisation is nigh.   On Antartica, one of the few continents that have not been rendered unlivable by the extreme heat is the last bastion of humanity. All hope is not yet lost, however for there is yet a way for humanity to prosper yet again as it had almost a century ago. The only way for humanity to cross this hurdle in nature's cruel game is to look up into the endless possibilities and resources the vast universe contains.   However, humanity has not yet crafted a way to reach other solar systems and has to do so rapidly for Earth is falling apart at a disastrous rate. Earth's resources have all but been spent. In a couple years, at the rate which humanity has been consuming the resources of it's home, Earth will be a barren and cold marble in the cold emptiness of space; Humanity lost to time. The once light specked orb now left in darkness.   So you think back to the start 21st century, before the nuclear wars and the weaponised nanobots and think of the glorious age it was and you wonder what would have come about if instead of fighting over resources and spending that time making the world better and allowing us to live alongside nature instead of destroying it how different it would be now.   The wars were ghastly things, entire nations obliterated overnight, the ground torn asunder. Craters dotted the world and to this day they remain hollow reminders of how many of us there once was. 5 billion deaths.   The nanobots came soon after with it came a surge in population as it solved each and every medical condition that was known to man. Cancer, Alzheimer's, AID's, every single one wiped out. Very soon after most of humanity was wiped out too, after a bug caused them to kill friendly cells in their hosts and just like that 3 billion people were dead.   We wanted to rebuild so we did we dug into the bowels of the Earth and ripped out its heart we wrought it into great structures of steel and we ran it off the heat for the molten nickel and iron that ran beneath. But we had done something foolish, the steel cities of the world were soon destroyed by the very thing that made them as the ground split open magma bubbling and it flew heavenward and when it came back down there was nothing left as nothing had ever stood there. Another 6 billion died.   We are the last of the cites. We still remember the age of concrete and silicone but all we've known is steel. It's much too late, the only way left to go is up and we don't have much time left before humanity goes out and is nought but a memory.   This is the Anthropocene

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