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The Spark Forge

Purpose / Function

originally the fore was built in order to supply the strongest weapons to aid the morals in the banishment of the gods it was built so that it should have been safe from almost any form of atack. while it has limited enchanting abilities it is able to mass produce weapons or producer weapons that are strong unlike any other


after it was discovered by the drow they obliterated it and the parts that were inside it so that there was to be no large amounts of weapons or war tools that were of easy access after the divergence, this left the inside of it completely empty and bear of any of the stations for forging weapons. that that could not be removed was destroyed.


the surface levels were tall open and had very good ventilation so that the heat was removed as not to hurt anyone. the main halls were carved with a stone like tapestry that went on all through the halls it displayed the history of the dwarfs and how they foged things. the lower down one got the smaller the tunnels became with more graphic carvings until it was just walls. at the lowest level of the forge there was the spark kiln this large body of magma was what heated the entire forge and what gave it all the power to run. lighting throughout the halls was made by magma flow as it rose to the levels it was supposed to be at this gave the entire forge a warm orange light.


while there is not a restriction on entering the forges ruins it is not recommended due to the fact that it is flooded with magma the lower into ti you get there is a little travel in the higher levels but after a while all of the tunnes will just come to a pool of bubbling magma. some also consider that the souls of those lost are still trapped in there and will hershey defend it from anyone who would dare to intrude into its depths
14th of spring solstice 1AD
Founding Date
prior to the divergance
Alternative Names
Blacksmith / Smithy
Parent Location

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