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War is brewing throughout Anreth.   The world is still recovering from over three thousand years of oppression under the high elves of the Serendraeth Imperium. Magical advancement has been stunted thanks to the empire's brutally aggressive efforts to suppress the arcane in all its forms. Science and technology have risen to fill that gap, due primarily to the staggering innovations developed by dwarven and gnomish engineers. Nations struggle to reclaim their lost glory and reassert their dominance as foes both old and new arise to challenge their influence. An era that should have been defined by peace and cooperation has instead devolved into one of constant conflict and distrust. All of Anreth rests upon a powder keg, and the slightest spark could ignite a war without end.   One organization in particular has tasked itself with ensuring the nations of Anreth do not squander their newfound freedom. The Confederation of Sovereign Nations has learned from the innumerable lessons imparted by the past, and has emerged as an international paragon of diplomacy. Day by day, it struggles to promote open communication between countries that once would have viewed bloodshed as the only viable strategy. It monitors those who refuse to accept a seat at the negotiating table and threaten the stability of entire regions. It ensures reinvigorated magical research is executed safely, and that technology is applied in as humane and beneficial a manner as possible. It has humbled kings and queens, and helped to provide even the most lowly worker a voice in the geopolitical arena.   In its never-ending pursuit of these lofty goals, the Confederation has embraced statecraft's ugliest sibling: espionage. Knowledge is both currency and power. With it, new alliances can be brokered, global change can be enacted, and conflicts can be avoided without a single shot fired. The Confederation's principal agent in its acquisition of intelligence is the Office of Strategic Analysis, a small (and utterly deniable) group of fearless men and women who have devoted their lives to one simple mission: preserve the peace, no matter the cost.

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