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The Tales of Anox

is an adventure in the midst of unfolding. What will await travelers who seek to explore outside the comfort of the routine of common folk? Anox has been undergoing a technological marvel over the last few centuries and a variety of wondrous machines and inventions have been making their way into society and across the countrysides.  

Are the political and religious factions

of the 7 kingdoms really at peace? Or is turmoil brewing in some unforeseen corner... Is it evil? or just misunderstandings... Natural friction between people? Or, is, in fact, the land of Anox actually as peaceful and prosperous as everything appears?  

The unfolding machinations of an era

are obscured even to the most learned historians and sociologists, and the Gods delight in watching and partaking in the wondrous drama that is mortal life. Sometimes even the lords and architects of creation itself cannot foresee the directions it's unfolding path will wind down. I welcome you, travelers and adventurers on the journey of the Anoxian.

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Tales of Anox

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

A D&D 5e Clockpunk Fantasy homebrew