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This is a world of ruin. Odarinn is a cracked, absurd land where nature herself has seemingly lost control of her domain. Sheer cliffs like tidal waves, mountain ridges like edges of broken swords and valleys as deep as the sea make up the impossible landscape of Odarinn. Rivers ignore the laws of nature and run upstream, forests do not adhere to conventional laws of time, and in the dark lurk vicious, malevolent beasts, creatures made from the nightmares of a madman.

It wasn't always like this. Odarinn used to look the same as any land, but unfortunate events lead to unfortunate consequences, and the land was uprooted by The Schism, the great paranormal event which twisted the land into an affront to the laws of physics. Now, Odarinn is isolated from the rest of the world, its land borders walled off by impossibly tall, deadly mountains, and its oceans rendered impassable by eternal storms and sea creatures waiting to drag foolhardy sailors to their watery tomb. And yet, the land remains eerily beautiful - the grand peaks of the mountains are visible no matter where you go, the twisted nature is brilliantly fantastical in its impossibility - despite its adversity to the folk who live in it, one cannot help but be swept away in the beauty of Odarinn.

Though people face hardship as par for the course here, and though everything between ground and sky is out to kill them, the people here remain jovial. Though it's an uphill battle just to live, people carry on, as if nothing were amiss. Perhaps they have grown used to the land; perhaps it has made them stronger. Or, perhaps, they were already strong. Perhaps the power of will is a force more powerful than any could have imagined. However it may be, strength in Odarinn is a necessity. Strength of body, so as to weather the hardships the earth throws your way, and strength of mind, so as to repel the evil these conditions inspire in the mind. Those who possess neither shatter and become broken husks, cracked shells of what they once were. So fierce is the destructive power of Odarinn.

But if one may find the strength within to face the trials and tribulations head-on, and perhaps the sturdy shoulder of a good friend or companion, one may live to see the beauty hidden in the land; the forests of perpetual autumn; the never-ending valleys; the shimmering lakes and bubbling hot springs. One may lay on the rolling grass and watch the shattered moon glide across the sky, or share a drink and song with good company, or watch the world from the peak of the tallest mountains. For they who find the strength within to carry on, shall be rewarded in ways that cannot be described.

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