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Another Cycle

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God is dead. Alone, bitter and hidden from the world. The last breath of the powerful being freed an old force kept within it for centuries, ending an old cycle and beginning a new one.   Many generations ago, what people would call "Magic" was a tool used to build cities and defend them against all kind of danger. Not only reserved to sapient species, many creatures with fantastic abilities once roamed our planet. To ensure the prosperity of the world, a council of 12 individuals had the responsibility to rule over this ancient power by writing the laws governing it, defeating the strongest creatures and overcoming any global threats coming from malicious individuals. They ruled until they died, way later than any other living being, and then, 12 new people were chosen to replace them. Each of these sittings were called a cycle. Of course, each one of them had a distinct name but the members of the 12 rules for many generations so these names as well as the names of the rulers of the cycle are forgotten.   Today, a new cycle has begun. Nobody knows how the entity called 'God' became the last to rule nor why this power has been taken from the people. However, tens, hundreds then thousands of living being around the globe get transformed by what's called Aether. Like a sort of 'Magical Revolution', the world will be permanently changed by this not-so-new energy and its users. Politics, war, spirituality, science.. Every building blocks of the society will be challenged and the "Aetherians" as we call them soon will be employed by governments and companies as guards, soldiers or hunters.   As time passes by, rumors about a group of Aetherians called "The Titans" emerged on Internet. They say that somewhere exist an ancient city where twelve thrones are waiting. These thrones could give the ones sitting on them an incredible power able to build and destroy nations. What started as a rumor will soon become a worldwide competition between Aetherians to forge the destiny of the world.

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