Anogwin A Myst-Tech World

Urrus - 13 - 3012 AoDK

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Enter the World of Anogwin. Step into a realm unlike any other. A world where Magic is a key component of technology. Where technology has advanced to make what was impossible now within reach if you have enough power, money, or sway. This is world of danger and mystery. Civilization has sprawled out, consuming nature for space and resources, only to have nature try to take back what has been lost. Countless cities and more than a few nations have been taken back by nature either through force or the wear of time.   Harness the raw magic power of the energy known as Myst and learn how it has influenced every aspect of life from daily living to politics and warfare. Traverse megacities and hunt down gangs pawning off the next batch of homebrewed Myst Doping products a have been ruining lives. Venture out into the mystic wilds to slay monsters, hunt bandits, or stop barbarian clan raids on small villages.   Do you have the will to wield Myst? Do you have the skill to fight back against the injustices global superpowers? Do you have the wit to out-think the villains that hunger for power and wealth? Do you have the courage to face the rising shadow of the hidden horrors?         Anogwin   If You have an access code from the end of a book Plug it in below and get access to pages limited to that tagged group.