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The Temple of Andor

Your sloop cuts through the ocean, bobbing over waves and weaving through icebergs. As the routines of maneuvering the nimble ship become muscle memory, you see a mass on the horizon; a distant tower.   As you approach, the winds turn even colder, and your teeth chatter in the frigid mists sent up from crashing over the waves.   When you dock, there's a small town that surrounds this monument, and you get a better view of it now.   It has a peculiar mishmash of architecture; its base seems simple, sturdy, and elegant. The spire itself, however, has a square body and very ornate gold trim. It has flowing arcs that seem to defy gravity, its architect clearly of great skill. On top of all this, there are random, rusty plates if metal, randomly and haphazardly welded here and there, they are either hasty fortifications or skilled orcish art. Hard to tell.

Purpose / Function

In its earliest days, it was a site for military communication and relay, constructed by the dwarves of old. Later, it was annexed by the Elven Fleet. Their control reigned in a time of relative peace, so the bunker was refinished into a temple to Melora and Sarenrae.   More recently, however, an Orc invasion has claim the territory and now occupies it. They have riveted scrap metal to other parts of the tower in an attempt to reinforce it. It probably didn't achieve that goal.

Alternative Names
Spire of the Icy Coast, Dark Lighthouse, Mosaic Tower

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